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Dec 25, 2007 01:56 PM

New Indonesian place in Seattle?

I've heard there's a place called Indo Cafe on Northgate Way just east of the mall, wondering if anyone has checked it out yet?

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  1. The place to check out is Julia's Indonesian Kitchen, west of NE 65th and Roosevelt. I have traveled a lot in Indonesia over the years and so far, this is the closest to authentic I have seen in Seattle. The soto ayam special tasted just as it was supposed to. My partner was happy with his individual rijstafel. The only quibble we had with the food was that the rendang was missing coconut, but it was tasty nonetheless.

    This place recently received a favorable review in one of the Seattle dailies--perhaps the Times.

    I once went to Indo Cafe a few years ago and was completely disappointed. I've heard it now has new owners, but haven't checked it out.

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      For those of us unfamiliar with Indonesian Cuisine, could you give us a little lesson and a explanation of what and why you liked the dishes?

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        Thanks PAO, it looks good. I discovered Indonesian (and Malay) a few years back on a trip to SE Asia and haven't found enough goodness close to home!

    2. Jonathan Kauffman of Seattle Weekly has come out with his top ten dishes of the year. In it he mentions:

      "5. Ayam goreng kremes at Julia's Indonesian Kitchen: Ezell's finally has a fried-chicken rival. Julia's (910 N.E. 65th St., 522-5528) braises its chicken with spices and candlenuts before battering and deep-frying the meat golden brown. Then, for good measure, the cooks drizzle a flour-and-chicken-stock mix into the fryer to create a cup or so of crispy meat bits for garnish."

      For the rest of the article:

      1. Tried it out last week. Its excellent. Had an incredible beef stew (very spicy) and a fried whole fish, both of which were top notch. The appetizer (Rissoles) were OK, but nothing special.