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Dec 25, 2007 01:39 PM

Dinner in Vancouver

We're visiting Vancouver with three teenagers who are, for the most part, adventurous and appreciative eaters. Any recommendations for: (1) Chinese anywhere in City; and (2) interesting/memorable near Stanley Park?

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  1. Scroll back a couple of weeks on this forum...lots of suggestions. For Chinese downtown - Kirin, Imperial, Floata (Chinatown). For interesting near Stanley Robson/Thurlow street close? The check out the Izakaya places like Guu. If it has to be right near the Park...then the selection thins down to "OK" places or "Touristy" places. Carderos is right near the park...the food is just fine, but not memorable.

    1. For near the park interesting/memorable Asian, I would go with the Robson/Denman junction. You have Zakkushi (japanese bbq skewers over charcoal), Jang Mo Jib (korean - try one of the hot pots), Kintaro Ramen (japanese soup noodles). Further east on Robson, you have Guu with Garlic, Gyoza King, Hapa Izakaya. All qualifies as interesting/memorable. And be prepared to wait for a table.