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Nov 30, 2000 09:25 PM

Chui's Dumplings

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Back in the mid-80's there was a great place in Chinatown near Madame Wong's - Chui's Dumplings. They had an incredible dish that I've never seen since called Sesame cakes - ground meat and vegetables in a bread pocket coated w/sesame seeds. Does anyone remember this place or know where to get something similar? Thanks!

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    Gretchen Ehrenbrg

    The dish you are referring is called Xiao Bing and if my memory serves me correctly it is available at Shanghai Yau Fat in Alhambra (Valley Blvd between Fremont and Atlantic). It may also be available at Dumpling Masters on Atlantic just off the 10 Freeway in Monterey Park. Dumpling Masters is IMHO one of the best all around Taiwanese Restaurants.

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      I think that pinyin is ShaoBing (Baked cake/bread) as opposed to Xiaobing (small cake). The sandwich is often seen as NiurouShaobing in Mandarin and is made with cold five-spiced beef (WuXiang Niurou), in sesame-coated bread pockets that are made from a Chinese form of pate a feuille, using a roux of flower and oil instead of butter.
      That being said, I'm pretty sure I had it at Yung Ho Tou Chiang restaurant on East Valley Blvd in San Gabriel, in a mall across from 888 Seafood (the one with Golden World in it). I also think I've had it at Noodle King on Valley Blvd, just east of Garfield in Alhambra. The Mandarin Deli's have the meat. You can buy it there and most Chinese markets have ShaoBing in packages that you can put in a toaster/oven. A little cilantro, and you have your own.