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Dec 25, 2007 12:17 PM

SEDONA for lunch- need suggestions for day trip

May drive guests to see the view. Any special places with a view (or without) that local Chowhounds recommend? We are open to all kinds of food; including ethnic. Thanks, in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. I was in Sedona a year ago, but didn't get a chance to sneak out much on my own for trip with food included, and company oriented dinners...but here's a list:
    Javelina Cafe got great reviews...Cafe Blue Moon was just what they said it was...I'd have loved to go up to the Airport go right along side one of the "big" vortices that way too. I didn't have any SW food there that I'd recommend...but I didn't get much time to do research! Have fun! It's gorgeous!

    1. If I were going to Sedona, there would be no question where I would eat: Cafe Elote. In fact, I am plotting a trip to visit friends in Phoenix, just to have an excuse to go there.

      Don't think it has a view...

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        There's a fine view from the terrace at Elote, but call to see if they're open for lunch (they weren't, but that might not be current). Shugrues Hillside has a nice view, as does the Airport Restaurant. Probably the most dramatic (and pricey) is Enchantment Resort - you'll need a restaurant reservation to get on to the property for good food in a spectacular setting.

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          If it is open Garlands lodge had the best food i've had in sedona. It is located in the oak creek canyon. The food it mostly grown on the property and they have an on site baker, check out the web site. The Enchantment would be my second choice.

      2. Best Views- Enchantment, Shugrue's, L'auberge; Best standard mexican (Chile Relleno, Quesadillo, etc)- Keisers (also have great ribs, pulled pork, smoked brisket and home made ice cream; or try the tourist version of this restaurant: Judi's); Best seafood- Shugrue's Hillside; Best nouveau Mexican- Elote; Best Pizza and Italian (and tied with Sundowner for hardest to find- A Pizza Heaven); Best Burger- Sundowner. Beware, though it's very cold here (40's)