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Family coming in from out of town this weekend and we want to try something different. Anybody been to Traxx downtown in Union Station? What kind of food is it? Prices? Atmosphere? Thanks.

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  1. I went there for lunch once. The lunch menu was mostly sandwiches. I ordered a buttersquash rissoto that was tasty. The dinner menu is different, with prices (I think?) in the $25 to $35 range. We ate "outside" the restaurant but still in union station. I liked the atmospheere.

    If you want something different, maybe you should check out Thai Town to take our family for something different.

    1. Food's good (contemporary American) - but the atmosphere is a bit drab (Union Station isn't as glamorous as its golden days). But yea, for really unique stuff this probably wouldn't be my rec--

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        Sorry to disagree, but I think the atmosphere is pretty cool. Union Station is beautifully maintained.

      2. lol. Do you realize this post was six years ago?

        Look for a recent review of mine of Traxx.

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        1. I think the atmosphere is the main reason to go there. Good pork chop, fine drinks. Here is a recent short review (not mine).

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            FWIW - there is an abc posting notice on the restaurant, and it appears that Tara Thomas is no longer involved with Traxx, although that does need confirmation, and thus even recent reviews might be a bit out of touch.

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              Is there any update on Traxx ownership or changes in quality, offerings? SO is seeking to go there tonight... TIA

          2. Traxx is still under the management of the one and only Tara Thomas. I haven't been there recently but they have had a lot of mangement changes and I believe the quality to have gone down since this has happened.

            1. Advice: If you go to Traxx, EAT INSIDE.

              Traxx was a pretty big disappointment for us. For a special night out, I surprised someone by taking the Gold Line there getting a table in front of the restaurant (in the main lobby of Union Station) for dinner around 7:30 on a Wednesday. As the night wore on, the people walking past our table (which was seperated from the main entrance to Union Station by a velvet rope - which it butted right up to) were joking about taking food from the table and becoming a little too aggressive with their comments and gestures, harassing us about being "too rich to eat at home" (ironic considering we're college students working a combined total of 5 jobs and Cup-O-Noodles and instant oatmeal are standard fare for us). The food was fine - I think... I don't really remember the food because the atmosphere was so... distracting? The service was iffy (we were left completely alone, no refills on anything, for 45 minutes at one point), but we're kind of used to that - as 2 college students who order only entrees and split one glass of (cheap) wine, we tend to get a pretty decent snubbing wherever we go. Sigh, oh well. I don't not recommend Traxx - I think others will enjoy it much more than we did for a lot of reasons. BUT, I do not recommend eating in that Union Station lobby - unless you're in the mood for dinner and a show.

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                I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I've never had anything but fun sitting in the lobby seats--that's much of the charm of the place for me.

                And, the best Waldorf salad in LA (not that this is a particularly fierce competition!)

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                  Sorry about that. I suppose with all the people passing by that you get a distillate of the worst (the best and the normal are too polite to interrupt your meal). There are plenty of places that don't snub cheapies - one of my dining companions habitually orders water as his only beverage (knowing that there is some sort of law that requires restautants to give you free water) and I have never seen him attract any grief. I agree that inside at Traxx is better.

                2. had dinner there tonight... chowed down on some appetizers with friend.

                  1. waldorf salad: it was okay, a bit overrated.
                  2. crab cake: a single large lump meat crab cake. DELICIOUS!
                  3. mussels: fantastic!!!

                  for dessert, had a chocolate tart (or was it tort?) to go... have yet to try it.

                  it was a nice experience, but nothing spectacular. service was fine. i'd probably go back if i had business in the area.

                  1. I ate dinner at Traxx last weekend. The food was flavorful, but the plating was spotty, and the service was terrible. For both our appetizers and the main course one person's food came out 10 minutes after everyone else's. For the cost, I found the service unacceptable.


                    1. Just went there last Friday night. We had a great time, the food was great, bar was even better. I had a pork chop and it was perfect. Union Station is very cool and it is fun to watch people from the bar.
                      Service was not the best, but not bad at all.