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Dec 25, 2007 09:35 AM

Mt Veeder wine without Mt Veeder prices

hello, i drop by this board from time to time because i like wine but don't know too much about it. everyone here seems to be quite educated and it's great. some time ago i had this 2003 cab from mt. veeder and fell in love with the big taste. since then i've been looking for a cab with the same taste but for $15-20 versus $40-60. i've been broke and am not in any place to buy a $40. i will again be able to spend one day but just not right now. has anyone tasted a cab at my price range similar to what i'm looking for? thanks!

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  1. The link below will give you a list of 18 prominent wineries in the Mt. Veeder vinicultural area. My advice would be to identify some particularly great vintage years for the varietals you're interested in from Mt. Veeder. Then look for bottles from those years from less "trophy" wineries whose vineyards are literally "right next door" to more recognized estates. Often the difference in quality in great years is well less than the difference in price :)

    This said, Mt. Veeder is a rather exclusive AVA to begin with so finding cabs much under $40 won't be easy. Your best opportunities are probably with Hess, Rubissow Sargent, and Wing Canyon, but none of these sourced in Mt. Veeder will be under $20...

    Another worthwhile strategy is to scour neighboring regions with similar growing conditions. Both Sonoma Mountain and Oak Knoll have the more moderate climate of Mount Veeder (as opposed to the warmer environs of the Rutherford basin).

    Look at popularly-priced Sonoma Mountain growers like Turtle Creek, Laurel Glen, and Tantalus. The Laurel Glen Counterpoint Estate cab can often be had in the 20's, for example.

    From neighboring Oak Knoll, look for Oak Knoll designated bottlings from Croze and Tudal Family, again in the 20's.

    Hope this helps.

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      chicago mike, thanks for the tip. i'm also open to other types of wine outside of cabs. I'm looking for a similar taste and not necessarily a similar cab. however, from what you say i'm guessing the "taste" is difficult to find in other varietal and for cheaper since mt veeder is a small AVA thus, the expensive price. why do cabs cost so much? also guessing here it has to do with the grapes.

    2. What you may love about Mt. Veeder Cabs is their mountain fruit. You can find this quality in other wines (from areas other than Mt. Veeder, and in varietals other than Cab).

      Mountain fruit is clean, direct and concentrated, yet the fruit is never over-ripe. The wines nearly always have a backbone of acidity that keeps them lively and refreshing. So those may be some qualities you can look for in other wines. BTW, the fruit in Mt. Veeder wines is pretty consistently black fruit: black cherry, black raspberry, blackberry, cassis, etc.

      In regards to cost, all of the Mt. Veeder wines are about $45 and up. You won't find a cheap Mt. Veeder wine, and it will be difficult to find a Cabernet that's worth drinking within your price range of $15-20. But work with someone you like at a good wine shop, who can direct you towards wines within your budget that have the characteristics you found appealing in the Mt. Veeder wines.

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      1. re: maria lorraine

        maria lorraine, you've been my answer to my chowhound wishes this week. from tips on my failed buttercream and now this? you're wonderful! you should have a hotline. thanks for all your suggestions.

        chicago mike mentioned as well that i may never find mt veeder at j.lohr prices. but you know, i'll have to save up and go buy that mt veeder bottle. after all when i go out to dinner i can have two glasses of wine at $15 and have no problem but why is it that when i need to shell out $45 at the store for one bottle it becomes a problem? i've got to get my priorities worked out for 08'!

      2. Well, I know it has been a few months since your post, but I would have to agree that the Mt Veeder cab is amazing, finally having my first glass a week ago while on vacation ($34/glass at a restaurant inside the Bellagio, Las Vegas!), I realized what I had been wanting and missing from a truly excellent cab. Prior to this glass, my favorite cab (because of it's price - same boat - tight budget - yet, with a rich oak taste and the dark fruits blend, and possessing that long after bite in the roof of your mouth) was Hess Select. They sell the Merlot (also having the flavors and consistency you seem to prefer) at World Market for under $15, and their cab is around $20 - $25 there. Also, Twin Liquors (not sure if you have these where you are living) sells Mt Veeder cab for $39.99, and if you buy 2 of any of the same bottle there, you automatically get 10-15% off your total.
        Good luck and cheers!

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        1. re: alyg

          hey alyg! i live in the los angeles area and i managed to get a bottle of mt veeder for about $29 at K&L wines, a store that has it's origins in norcal. $34 a glass! yikes. well, i guess you were at the bellagio.i also called the mount veeder winery looking for a socal distributor and they gave me a discount coupon for an online wine store. i'm off all alcohol until i'm done with being pregnant so enjoy a nice glass for me please!

        2. Moon Mountain Cabernet is a rock star with an under $20 price tag.