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Dec 25, 2007 09:32 AM

STL: Beer *and* WiFi?

Hey StL Hounds--

Does anyone know if there are any places that one could go, sit for a while, have some beers, and have internet connectivity? I'm here visiting the old homestead, and just can't sit to do my work in a coffee shop for one more day. I need liquid fortitude...

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  1. <chrip chirp>

    ...Perhaps the silence is my answer?

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    1. re: litchick

      I really don't know, but I'd start with both of the Schlafly places. Or maybe one of the places close to the colleges, such as Laclede Street, Humphrey's or The Scottish Arms near SLU.

      A hotel bar could be a good bet too, or one in Clayton.

    2. This is only a guess, but how about Nadoz cafe? One is down by SLU and one just opened across from the Galleria. I think they have a liquor license and I'm pretty sure WiFi. Of course, I could be wrong on both accounts and then you'd really be out of luck.

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      1. re: shannoninstlouis

        Yes, Nadoz Cafe does have a liquor license for beer and wine at both locations with free Wi fi

        1. re: kbeckstl

          amazing tip, thanks!

          yeah, the schlafly places have no wifi -- very sad.

      2. There are a number of places in South City with beers and internets. Three Monkeys and the Tin Can on Morgan Ford, as well as the Jade Room/Mekong on South Ground (the name changes depending on how far back you are in the restaurant).

          1. re: robotarms

            more great tips, thanks robotarms and violentecstasy!

            1. re: robotarms

              robotarms: hit the royale the other night -- great place!! loved the subcontinental and the corondelet sazarac. thanks again!

            2. you've probably left st louis already, but mangia italiano on south grand has wifi.