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Dec 25, 2007 09:11 AM

Celeriac (celery root) in cornbread dressing?

I got celeriac in my coop farmshare and hmmm Ive been baffled what to do with it. Today, I feel inspired to finally use it in cornbread dressing with our Christmas Day turkey! Having never used it before, Im just a tad hesitant, but I tasted it and it is very much like regular celery, but without the green stringiness. Does anyone have any opinion about this idea? I will probably put some normal celery in too (along with my usual onion, apples, cornbread, broth, egg, spices, etc.). Thoughts anyone?

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  1. It's probably too late for any advice., but I'd just saute it up with the onion. Should be fine, though with a bit more texture than celery. I love the stuff, so that's a plus.

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      I followed your advice, but before you gave it! It was very nice indeed, but subtle! I should have used more. I put 3 small celeriacs into one large cornbread worth of dressing along with the usual stuff and it was great. Im encouraged to try more things with it. That's a good thing, since I have FIVE more of these left! :D Thank you!