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Dec 25, 2007 09:02 AM

Charleston wine & cheese venues

We are going to Kiawah Island/Charleston for 9 days and we love wine bars or places that are restaurants but with a bar that has good wine by the glass selections & a cheese plate. I have seen a couple mentioned on the internet but would rather get some Chowhound recommendations. thanks.

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  1. The Trusted Palate is a great new place in the renovated "upper King" area that is great. But there are a ton of restaurants here that do cheese plates and have great wine selections! Try the bar at Mercato too!

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      Avondale Wine and Cheese or Social... both are on East Bay. Here is the link for social:

      Have fun!

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        Avondale Wine and Cheese is one of my favorites. It is not on East Bay though. It is in West Ashley on Hwy 17. They have tastings on Mondays and Thursdays. Her cheese plates are really good too. Lots of nice people there for the various events.

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          Charlestownchow -- reminds me that Holly Herrick recently reviewed Soif, a wine and cheese/tapas bar in Mt. Pleasant. Anyone been? Sounded lovely, and I usually trust Holly implicitly. And since the OP will be mobile, should be accessible.

          Here is the link:

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          thanks...we ended up doing Social; i love having half glasses and they surely enable that! Cheese was good too. Walked over to High Cotton for dinner after; really good!