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Nov 30, 2000 06:56 PM

Miami Vice

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I just want to say how much I love the chowhound board. When cravings strike, or I need honest advice, I zip right over. Sometimes I can't resist putting my silly two cents in.

But now I'm off to Miami for the first time and feel so lost without a Floridian Pepper or Bob or Jim. I posted a note on the Miami board, but I think everyone must be partying or at a fashion shoot (how's that for reverse coast prejudice?).

Has anyone here ever been to Miami and had any delicious experiences? Do tell.

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  1. Hi Julia

    One reason you may not have gotten response on the Florida board was that nearly everything you're looking for in Miami has already been discussed endlessly. There are lengthy threads on Cuban places, and Joe's Stone Crab. The main allure of the Blue Door seems to be its trendiness (I've not been), so that won't entice much chowhound discussion...though if you'll use our search engine, you'll find some comments. As for just general "where do I eat?" there are about 70 messages detailing all manner of good Miami chow...enough for a year of eating down there.

    But I'm sorry you've not yet evoked New Year's suggestions (though it's not a real chowhoundish night). Give it time, I'm sure you'll get some response. That board's just not as active as some of our others.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      All right, all right - I was just trying to get some more feelers out there!! And forgive me for wanting to eat well on New Year's! I'll try to be patient and wait and see if anyone responds. Guess I'm just a spoiled L.A. girl who wants everything in a New York minute...

      Anyhoo - I'm excited to compare our Versailles to theirs - looks like they may win!!

    2. Julia, the best thing I can recommend is a restaurant called Pacific Time (uhhh pretty sure at least), on a trendy pedestrian mall in South Beach. I'm sure anyone could help to steer you in that direction. Ate there almost a year ago with a large group and everyone had a wonderful meal. No doubt there's further postings on that place on the Miami board. Good luck!