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Dec 25, 2007 08:35 AM

Vegetarian in Dupont

I was hoping for some help finding a vegetarian friendly restaurant in Dupont for a first date. I don't think she eats fish, but I know meat-based broths and sauces are OK. I'd like to stick as close to Dupont as possible, but I'd take something between Farragut North and Woodley. Thanks.

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  1. Some options:

    Levante's on 19th for middle eastern (I always enjoy my meals here, although I know not all chowhounders agree). Their flatbread is ver tasty and they have a large number of veg options.

    Heritage India on Connecticut for modern Indian with plenty of veg options

    There are also plenty of Thai restaurants that are very veg-friendly...I enjoy Thai Chef on Connecticut just north of the circle, as they have both thai and sushi and a nice atmosphere.

    1. I would check out Sette Osteria for good Italian cuisine. There are good pastas and pizzas and vegetarian friends have found quite a few things to eat there.

      If you are into Indian, you should go to Heritage. I love their Indian cuisine and they have a fun part of the menu that has a bunch of Indian street food, which can be fun to share on a date.

      If you like Thai I would suggest either Thai Chef or Mai Thai (they have great drinks).

      1. Try Zorba's. Cheap eats, but great food and decent wine. Just a cute romantic place. Lauriol Plaza is also an option, but closer to Adams Morgan. La Tomate is excellent and they'll make veg options for you if you ask - a bit pricey, but romantic with great wine. Urbana is an excellent place also - a wine bar. I am a vegetarian, but with the app's and the sides I end up being full. They used to have an excellent mushroom risotto, but I'm not sure if it's there anymore. Penang's has great asian fusion food. My husband and I go to all of these places frequently. Good luck!