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Nov 30, 2000 06:09 PM

Akbar in Pasadena....Lola's in LA

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Just back from a trip to CA. Didn't have that much time, but here's my two bits: Akbar was great for a quick Sunday lunch - the coconut lamb was delicious and unique, and the chicken tikka masala had the perfect balance of tomato, spice and cream. Not so happy with the starter, however. Can't remember the name, but it basically consisted of cold potato salad
perched on cold fried dough triangles. It did come with three very delicious spicy/sweet chutneys. Tried Lola's on Monday evening. Loved the atmosphere, very romantic, dim lighting, lots of candles and wrought iron ceiling sconces. Food was average, however, except for the seared ahi starter, which was tender and rare on the inside. We were recommended to go to Lola's for the martini menu and were not disappointed! HUGE martinis and a dizzying selection.

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