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Dec 25, 2007 07:26 AM

Nashville - NYC hound coming for FOOD

Driving down to new orleans for New years Eve. Stopping in Nashville for a day or two and we wanna eat. Open to any and all suggestions southern.

Where to go? - BBQ, Southern, Burgers, etc.


oh and if you know any great spots along I-81 or I-40 that;d be helpful too.

happy holiday


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    1. My favorite barbeque is Hog Heaven, right by Centennial Park. The pulled checken and pulled prok are both delicious, and the white sauce is killer (if you like spicy).

      For burgers the debate is generally between Brown's Diner and Rotiers.

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        If your idea of a great burger includes big, fat, or pink, don't go to Rotiers. My favorite place for BBQ is Neely's, but I have nothing bad to say about Hog Heaven -- I just love Neely's beef ribs. The place to go for the largest variety of well cooked homestyle southern food at one meal is Monell's.

      2. For burgers, I go to Bobbie's in the summer, and when it's closed in winter, I go to Ted's Montana Grill or Five Guys . Yes they're chains, but much better than Rotiers or Browns. Of all the regular Nashville 'hounds, I'm the one most willing to defend Rotiers, b/c I've been eating there since I was but a pup. But I have had mixed experiences there lately, some of which were mediocre at best, and can't send someone in good conscience. And I quit going to Brown's years ago, but it certainly is highly local and colorful and greasy, if that's what you're looking for. I sort of learned that what they do is walk across the street to the Harris Teeter, buy a pound of meat, and pat it into patties, then fry them in their ancient grease. I figured I do that at home.

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          Sadly, Hog Heaven is closed for the holidays :-( They reopen January 2 if you'll be in town after that. Another fun local restaurant that also serves the delicious white sauce with pulled pork is South Streethttp://pansouth.net/southstreet-index.htm they have other good things on the menu like catfish, enchiladas, steak and biscuits, etc. It's a fun casual atmosphere with a "treehouse" on top.

          I agree that Brown's and Rotier's are overrated. I prefer my burgers grilled vs. fried...I really enjoy the burger at 12th South Taproom http://www.12southtaproom.com/ but check to make sure they are open over the holidays. Another great burger I recently had was at Firefly Grill in Green Hills. Perfectly grilled with bacon and white cheddar. They also have some other good "southern" menu items like fried oysters, good soups/sandwiches and some great dinner entrees and desserts as well. It's a casual, local place.

        2. If you have an extra 30 minutes go to Nolensville which is just southeast of Nashville and go to Martins BBQ. They have some of the best bbq Ive had anywhere and is in my opinion the best around Nashville. Sportsmans has a great burger (the one in Cool Springs, which is I think head and shoulders better than the other two). I really enjoy the burger at boscos in Hillsboro Village, and I think they have the best steak sandwich I've ever had!