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Dec 25, 2007 07:14 AM

As A Chowhound, What Did You Get For Christmas?

This has been an especially good foodie gift year for me. My DH got me a chinois from Williams Sonoma, and for blogging- a Canon Elph 850 and a tripod.
I'm very excited to make sauces and take photos!

So, what did you get this year?

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  1. As a chowhoud 'who has everything', my wife struggles to come up with something useful/unique. This year it is a N2O fired whip cream maker. I'm pretty sure I can use it as a home defense system in the event I'm attacked by an angry mob of pastry chefs, but I'm wondering if I have to register it with the local police.

    I tried it. It does whip the cream, BUT - you are at the mercy of the N2O to decide how soft/firm the peaks are (they are way on the firm side) and if you're putting sugar in the cream, the lack of whisking leaves it a bit gritty. When you're done, you only have about 12 pieces of equipment to clean.

    It was a nice thought, but I think I'll stick with a whisk and a cold bowl...

    On the other hand, my daughter bought me a panini press. I'm not really into items that can only be used for one thing (which can be done with more basic equipment anyway), but I am actually excited about the press. I'm not sure I could duplicate what a press does with anything else, so if I can find a place to store it, it could work out. Anyone else actually use a panini press?

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      Don't forget you can use the whipped cream maker to also make all those foams that are almost a parody of themselves now ; )

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        IF you use confectioner's sugar or splenda you can have the sweet but get rid of the grit...

        1. re: kmills9408

          I think the splenda would work with the cream. I made the big mistake of using it instead of sugar while 'creaming' butter in a muffin recipe a few years ago and learned a valuable lesson (NEVER do this again). But, in cream, it should be just fine.

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            Pardon the ignorance, but what happened? I'd rather learn from your mistake than making my own :-)

        2. re: bnemes3343

          Make sure you turn the whip cream maker upside down before pressing the handle. I sprayed my daughter's kitchen not 2 hours ago.

          Love my panini press. Fun to use at parties. Everyone can make their own. DH makes a mean sourdough, bacon, pimento cheese, tomato and avocado sandwich using ours.

          1. re: Pampatz

            I love my panini press too... actually I use it not only for sandwiches, but also for big rectangular pancakes!

          2. re: bnemes3343

            I got a panini press (VillaWare) for my birthday about 2 years ago. I love it! It is electric and I can grill with it too, but I don't grill too often. I may not make a ton of panini, but when I do use it, they come out perfectly. My sister visited my for Thanksgiving weekend and we made some marvelous leftover turkey panini the day after thanksgiving. Enjoy your gift!

          3. cool topic. i got:

            an egg wedger... (like alton brown, i'm not a fan of single job gadgets but maybe i can try it on mushrooms?)

            mini salt and pepper shakers...(i want to pass on them since the holes would call for fine sea salt at best - or gasp, iodized, and the pepper would have to be powder),

            a pocket size photo album with magnet closure for organizing my coupons... (brilliant considering my ziploc is probably the worst for coupons) and

            a Prepara brand "herb savor" - it's a thing to store your herbs in the fridge, upright, with a reservoir at the bottom. i imagine it's like a mini biophere. thankfully it's not big and i intend to do a side by side test comparing with the glass jar method.

            1. A stainless steel egg cup set complete with an egg spoon and tiny salt shaker.

              Meat thermometer.

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                I got the book that I got for everyone else this year that I was secretly coveting...My Last Super! 50 great chefs sharing what their last meal would be, what they would drink with it, what music would be playing and who would they share it with....I LOVE it!!!

                BTW I do have a panini press and I love it, great for a quick dinner with a salad.

              2. Nice thread! I got a fabulous Kitchenaid Stand Mixer which I can't wait to try out! I'm especially excited to find new ways of using it for non-dessert/baking items, as that seems like the obvious choice for use, but not necessarily the healthiest... haha.

                Happy holidays (and good eats) to everyone on Chowhound :o)

                1. Almost forgot... my other daughter got me a chef's mat. It's actually very comfortable when you're standing at the cooktop. I'm not sure if 'real' chefs would use one, but I like it.