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Dec 25, 2007 05:58 AM

Stone Crabs in Tampa area

I'm thinking seriously about having a stone crab feast for New Years Eve and of course I want to get the freshest, nicest claws that I can find. It's been years since I've had them......

Anyone have recent experience buying them in the Tampa area? I'm in south Tampa but will travel a reasonable distance for good goods. I want to buy them raw and steam them at home.



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  1. I have heard good things about Cox's on Dale Mabry, but I have never been (have not been living in Tampa that long). I would also check out Wild Oats. I am not a huge fan of Fresh Market although others rave. Good Luck and Happy New Year.

    1. It is not in Tampa but I get my stone crab claws from two places in St. Pete. One that might be closer for you is Trappman's on Gandy Blvd. about 3-4 blocks east of the dog track.

      Another place is Mid-Peninsula Seafood on 49th St. S. at 6th Ave. S.


      1. Stone crabs are boiled right off the boat before they are even sorted for size. You can of course re-heat them if you want to serve them warm- I prefer chilled. The large/jumbo size at Bell Fish in Cortez are $18 per pound. Depending on the quantity you need and your local pricing, it could be worth the drive. I can't think of a better new year's feast -I plan to do the same.

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          The $18 for jumbos seems like a steal. I think our Miami market is currently at about $23. While I like Wild Oats for produce and other items, I think that their meats and seafoods are incredibly overpriced. I'm certain that stone crabs would follow suit.

          TY Veggo, based on you post and the one below, I'll remember to bring the cooler on my next trip your way! Stuff it up with claws and smoked fish from Ted's, YUM YUM!

        2. T-
          Veggo is right on the mark with regards to A.P. Bell in Cortez. They have "right off the boat fresh" stone crabs in all sizes. I bought 5lbs. of "floaters" for $8.00 lb.!!!
          It's right next to Starfish Fish Market it's open to the public.
          See Tom and he'll take good care of you.

          PS- They also have some of the freshest whole fish that I've found since moving down to Sarasota/ Bradenton area from LI,NY 2 years ago.

          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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          1. re: Granite Guy

            Thanks to all who I have some promising choices and I'll report back with what I find. Trappman's is only 15-20 minutes away while Cortez is more like 45 minutes so I may go with them (Trappman's).

            Happy New Year!


          2. I buy them at the little seafood trailer in front of the Oldsmaw flea market. They're 10-15 a pound depending what you get.

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            1. re: rhnault

              I've seen a seafood place across the road from the flea market. Not sure what you mean by 10-15 a pound "depending what you get"? Is that a reference to the different sizes of claws?

              1. re: tony noriega

                Drive into the actual flea market and at the very front is a white trailer where they sell very fresh shrimp, stone crab, clams, etc.... The stone crab claws are priced in a range of 10 to 15 dollars per pound depending on what size you get. I think the general mediums are $30.00 for a 3# bag.
                The place across the street was called Lobster Town and they have moved to a different location which is fine by me since I once returned $30.00 worth of "fresh" grouper and on another occasion returned $65.00 worth or lobster tail. With that in mind I don't care to know where they relocated to.

                1. re: rhnault

                  Thanks Rebekah! I'll head over tomorrow and buy some.......

                  1. re: tony noriega

                    I went to the flea mkt Saturday and was delightfully surprised to learn that the claws at the white seafood trailer were selling @ 3 lbs for 20 dollars (he said that they'd sell smaller quantities if desired). They are frozen -- I don't know if that's normal -- and I tasted some this afternoon and they seem fine......good texture and, although not the most flavorful I've tasted, they had a nice stone crab taste. Thanks for the head's up on the place! Tony

                    1. re: tony noriega

                      I have been getting them from him for about 3 years now and have had good success. If you need shrimp his are also good, though I hate pulling off the heads ; )
                      glad it worked out for you!