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Dec 25, 2007 03:36 AM

Restaurants near Brown Palace hotel-Denver

Will be staying overnight at the Brown Palace in Denver on thursday. Please recommend two great restaurants near the hotel. Looking for contemporary cuisine, good atmosphere, nice wine list. Am considering Duo. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Duo is terrific but is in NW Dever and not near the Brown. Panzano (good, contemporary northern Italian) is in the Hotel Monaco, just four or five blocks away. Or, hop the free shuttle that travels along the 16th Street Mall and get off at Larimer. Cross 16th Street and walk a block to the section with the festive lighted arches, you will find many restaurants. Two of the best are Rioja and the new Osteria Marco.

    1. Probably too many years too late, but there was a neat little restaurant, on the NNW back-side of the Brown, just across the street and next to a classic gentleman's haberdashery. I cannot recall the name, but we dined there (late '90s) several times, and it was quite good. Their hours were not that late, IIRC, but around the traditional dinner time, it was very good. Unfortunately, it is probably history, so I hesitated to even post this, for a few days.


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        Bill - Are you thinking of the Trinity Grille? Sounds like you are, it is still open. When I worked downtown we would go there for lunch often, and their burger is boss.

        Here is a url:

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          Yes, Trinity Grille! Thanks for the refresher. I have not seen any buzz on it on CH, so I do not know if it is still as good, as it was 10 years back. Then, it was casual fine-dining, with good food and service. Nothing too innovative, but well worth the $.