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dive bars in KC with good food or not

suggestions? I'll be out there looking for an escape from my gf. social+culinary KC is a positive.

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  1. Jerry's Woodsweather Cafe. You won't be disappointed.

    1. The Peanut is alway good for divey escapes. Good wings and BLT's too.

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            The Peanut has become a "must go" whenever I'm in KC.

        1. Knuckleheads, The Quaff, Mike Kelly's Westsider

          1. I have to 2nd the rec for Jerry's WW Cafe- its special if you're looking to eat. You might try Gilhouly's (on 38th St) if you're just looking to drink. And its not a 'dive' but The Drop is a great neighborhood bar and the food is good.

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              Fric and Frac on 39th at Genessee. Gilhouly's is actually on 39th, across the street and down 1 block from Fric and Frac, at 39th and Bell. I'm putting my vote in for Jerry's WW as well.

            2. Mikes Bar on Troost by Rockhurst College. Great burgers etc. Bamboo Hut on 40Hwy. for steaks.

              1. go two hours west on I-70, In Junction city, There is no finer bar food, burgers, steaks and fries than the Time Out Lounge. I will plan my driving so that we can catch them open. The inside walls are covered in purple velvet Crown Royle bags. The best ribeye in Ks!

                1. Harry's Country Club in the River Market. Great food, good music, laid back, great view of Downtown. A true original.

                  1. Twin City Tavern - lots of fried things, but surprisingly tasty.

                    1. Davey's Uptown - 3402 Main KCMO
                      Best Dive bar in KC. Great local and national bands. Friendly bar staff. Family owned. (they don't serve food)

                      If your looking for a dive bar with awesome food try The Brick
                      1727 McGee
                      Live Music - Really good menu. My favorite is Cuban Chicken w/ sweet potatoe fries but I've never had a bad meal there

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                        I love, love, love The Brick!!! We go on Wed. nights for the 2 for 1 burgers. The Pubby burger is my favorite, with blue cheese, and an onoin ring on it. The sweet potato fries are the best in town!! Wow, now I'm all hungry!

                      2. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Westport Flea Market. Excellent burgers, lots of social drinkers, pool tables, dart boards, and music on Sunday nights.

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                        1. Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill
                          One Riverboat Drive
                          North Kansas City, MO 64116
                          Phone: (816) 889-0598

                          Fried baloney sandwich anyone? YeeeeeHaaaaaw...oops, sorry. Got carried away.

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                            how about he fried bologna at Harrys CC

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                              I dunno. Is it better than Toby's? Personally, I would nevah order it.

                          2. It's not exactly a dive, but Barley's Brewhaus at 119th and Quivera has excellent food. They smoke their own meats and cheeses, cut their own steaks, and have 99 beers on tap. Sadly, I only make it out there a couple of times a year, but it hasn't let me down yet.

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                            1. Best dive bar food by far would be at Twin City Tavern on 43rd & Stateline. Awesome tacos!