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Dec 25, 2007 01:19 AM

dive bars in KC with good food or not

suggestions? I'll be out there looking for an escape from my gf. social+culinary KC is a positive.

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  1. Jerry's Woodsweather Cafe. You won't be disappointed.

    1. The Peanut is alway good for divey escapes. Good wings and BLT's too.

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          1. re: stellamystar

            The Peanut has become a "must go" whenever I'm in KC.

        1. Knuckleheads, The Quaff, Mike Kelly's Westsider

          1. I have to 2nd the rec for Jerry's WW Cafe- its special if you're looking to eat. You might try Gilhouly's (on 38th St) if you're just looking to drink. And its not a 'dive' but The Drop is a great neighborhood bar and the food is good.

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            1. re: goroe

              Fric and Frac on 39th at Genessee. Gilhouly's is actually on 39th, across the street and down 1 block from Fric and Frac, at 39th and Bell. I'm putting my vote in for Jerry's WW as well.

            2. Mikes Bar on Troost by Rockhurst College. Great burgers etc. Bamboo Hut on 40Hwy. for steaks.