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Nov 28, 2000 07:00 PM

tucks point?

  • k

has anybody been to tuck's point in the city of ventura, an hour away from LA. i heard about their lobster rolls? I would gladly appreciate any comments you have and what dishes to order. thanks.

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  1. Tuck's Point has the closest thing to a decent fried clam in the state of California, but it probably wouldn't warrant a special drive from L.A. If you're in Ventura anyway, stop in: expensive but pleasant.

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      Tucks Point has great fried clams and is worth the drive. I discovered it a couple of years ago thanks to an LA Times best of issue. The lobster rolls are only ok because the lobster tastes like it has been cooked en masse before hand. For great lobster rolls try The Lobster in Santa Monica. But Tucks Point, and the great little area where it is located is a great way to spend the day.