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Dec 24, 2007 11:26 PM

Suggestions to use up Brandy?

Had a few friends over for drinks so i hit the liquor store and picked up too many bottles of everything...i'll eventually drink the vodkas and gin that i bought, but i'm not a huge lover of brandy...any suggestions for recipes with brandy? i was thinking along the lines of brandy cake, brandy cookies...but honestly, i'm not a big sweets eater, so any savory ideas would be much appreciated as well. Thanks!

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  1. a nice thick steak pan seared in olive oil is what I would do. when steak is done deglaze the pan with a big dose of the brandy and throw in a handful of your favorite
    mushrooms and let them meld together. once they're done the steak will be rested well enough to be smothered in your hearty brandy-mushroom gravy. happy holidays
    and don't forget the cayenne and black pepper.

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    1. re: abe stein

      wow. sounds amazing! i don't usually like any kind of sauce on my steak, but you just mentioned of my favorite things -- i know what to do w/ the ribeyes i have in the fridge! thanks~

      1. re: abe stein

        Add a little heavy cream to that and it's perfection!

        1. re: abe stein

          Even if you don't feel like dealing with mushrooms (or onions are good too), just deglazing with brandy and letting it reduce is very nice too. If you happen to have over-bought Irish whiskey, that's really good too (but not Scotch, reduced "peat" is pretty gross.)

          1. re: MikeG

            i am ALL OVER this 'shrooms subthread!!!!! must use at least some of that brandy with beef and the mushroom sauce. comfort food, de luxe!

   (filet with brandy mushroom sauce


   (steak diane


   brandy flamed peppercorn steak

  ,1627,1... mignonettes of veal with creamy peppercorn sauce --- use brandy instead of madeira.

            to finish: bread pudding with brandy sauce.

            now, get cookin'!

            1. re: alkapal

              The brandy mushroom sauce from your first link makes wonderful hamburgers. Charcoal burgers. Toast buns. Smear mayonnaise on bun. Add meat. Top with warm sauce. Delicious.

              1. re: Plano Rose

                piano rose, how bizarre that my latest post was exactly one year after my initial post. (i'd even forgotten i was in on the thread ;-). this reminds me that i need to make some sauce for a couple of filets mignon i have to cook.

        2. not sure where you live but if there are really nice cherries or berries you could let them soak for a few months in the brandy?

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          1. re: geminigirl

            great idea..i live in seattle though so fruit is a little scary this time of year...but i think i've seen some nice cherries at whole foods...

            1. re: soypower

              I just put figs in brandy, figured the liquid would be good for cooking later too.

              1. re: soypower

                I have a fig tree and am desperate to preserve what the parrots have left me. I really want a recipe for brandied figs, but am no cook so need fairly explicit instructions. Time is of the essence as the figs are ripe now and won't keep. Can you help?

                1. re: Elaine08

                  sorry, all I can suggest is sending me directions to your house so I can come and gorge myself on fresh figs, can you tell I am jealous....try checking out the spirits board or posting this over there, you might have better luck. I would think a gentle rinse and into the bottle with brandy poured over them would work. You could always just try a small bottle this year and see how you like them...

                  1. re: Elaine08

                    Is it possible to brandy dried figs, or only fresh? I, too, have a surfeit of brandy that I've got to get rid of before moving. I love brandied figs, but all the recipes I've managed to find use fresh fruit. Any ideas?

                    1. re: pamplemousse

                      Want to send me a recipe for brandied FRESH figs? I've been searching but no luck so far. Is brandy enough or should one include sugar?

                      1. re: Elaine08

                        Hi Elaine, I would just use Google. This is what I found, sounds easy enough but time consuming! There were more....

                        Make heavy syrup - 1 pound sugar, 1 pint water

                        1. Leave small stalk on figs and wipe fruit.

                        2. Place in syrup and boil for 1 hour on FIRST day.

                        3. Leave overnight, covered with a plate to submerge fruit.

                        4. SECOND and THIRD days, boil for one half to three quarters of an hour. Submerge with plate again after SECOND day's cooking.

                        5. After THIRD day's cooking place fruit into sterilized jars three quarters filled with syrup. Top up with brandy, cover tightly and turn upside down once to mix syrup and brandy. (This can be tricky if the lid doesn't fit well. Just ask me!)

                        6. Stand for 2-3 weeks before eating. Delicious served over ice cream. Keeps for ages unopened. Gets eaten quickly once opened.

                  2. Drink a bottle of grolsch beer with the snap cap. Clean it out put in 6-8 split vanilla beans and put it in a dark place for 6 weeks shaking occasionally. Strain into another bottle. Now you have real extract.

                    Or you could just use the brandy in Sangria :)


                    1. of course add brandy to the beans.....

                      1. brandy, cream,and tomato sauce for pasta and/or seafood.