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Dec 24, 2007 11:04 PM

Best Restaurant for LAMB in Edmonton

Hey all! Merry Christmas!

I am dying to know where to eat delicious lamb in Edmonton. I have had lamb at Dante's and it was excellent but I would like to know where else serves great lamb.

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. I know this ain't gonna help you but I gotta say that just 15 minutes ago I had some of the best lamb that I ever ate. Our ancient secret family recipe for Lamb Lasagna is
    spankin' tasty. The gals made a truckload of the stuff this X-Mas. I'll post the recipe if I ever get around to prying it outta the women. I reckon it's close to a lot of good lasagna
    recipes with a nice garlicky/rosemaried rare- roasted lamb shoulder chopped up coarsely, layered into the lasagna and baked into the saucy layers o' holiday goodness
    happy holidays

    1. purseOnality:

      I am not sure I have lamb at enough of the good restaurants in town to venture the assertion that their's is the "best" but I have been very pleased with it at Sorrentino's Downtown and at Jack's Grill.

      The lamb from Chef Sung at Sorrentino's is served three ways, roasted, braised and grilled sausage. Excellent.

      At lunch the braised lamb is served over creamy polenta and is outstanding comfort food.

      Jack's Grill used to serve very good lamb including his [Peter Jackson] take on grilled lamb sausage. He makes terrific sausage, whether lamb or duck.

      We were just there last week for dinner but both of us opted to have roast duck breast and I do not recollect if lamb was on the menu as we both love our duck and it is one meat I do not cook too often here at home.

      I am sure a lot of restaurants feature rack of lamb from time to time but it has been ages since I have had that locally. Used to be a primary dining out option. I am assuming Hardware, Characters, Madison's, Normand's, Sage might have lamb but you would have to check.

      Of course if slow roasted, well done is your preference, any of the many Greek spots in town will feature that along with grilled chops. I go to Koutouki Ouzeria because Theo is a good fellow and it is close to home.

      You mentioned Dante's. How was the lamb done. I used to go shortly after it opened but did not like the marinade/glaze which was heavy with 5 Spice powder. Same with the duck unfortunately. Have not been in a number of years as we found the quality and service dipped considerably. Too bad as it had been a welcome alternative out here suburbia.

      1. I'll second Bob Mac's recommendation on Koutouki. Great lamb, great everything really. One of our favorites.

        Unheardof usually has lamb on the menu. I can't remember last time I had it there, but remember that it was good. I'm kind of like Bob on that - used to eat it frequently in restaurants, but not much any more. Partly because I cook it at home more often, and partly because I've gotten onto a game kick, which I don't attempt at home as often (though I did a great elk chuck roast in my slow cooker yesterday...3 hours slowly braising in bottle of pinot noir and a bag of blackberries...)

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          Bacon has a phenomenal lamb stew, rich meaty and elegantly spiced.

        2. I like the rack of lamb at Sofra's - a Turkish restaurant downtown.