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Dec 24, 2007 09:38 PM

What and where in Hong Kong and Macau

We might be taking a last minute trip to HK and Macau --- what I'd love to know is WHAT local foods we should try, not necessarily where (although that is good info too).

I am woefully ignorant of anything Macanese and really need to brush up on my Chinese culinaria -- so please, fire away.

What do we have to try? And where?

Also, are there any outdoor food markets (I imagine there are) that we need to see?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I can only recommend two old Macaunese restaurants that I've gone back again & again in the past:

    A Lorcha
    Rua do Almirante Sergio 289, Macau Tel: +853 313 193

    Praia de Hac 9, Coloane, Macau Tel: +853 328 264

    They may not be the best nowadays, but they offer all the Macaunese-Portuguese favourites, e.g. Galinha Cafreal (African chicken), minchi, caldo verde, feijoada, etc.

    1. I second klyeoh. Those are the two restaurants we always make sure we go to in Macau.

      I have a daughter who lives in Hong Kong and she said alot of people are going to the casinos for dinner these days, but it sounds more like western food, ie steaks, etc. Some of them may have Macanese food. I'll try and find out.



      1. Okay, just talked to my daughter in H.K. and she said another excellent restaurant (a hole in the wall) is O'Manuel on Taipa island. I found it on google. Be sure and check it out.

        Anyone out there know anything about it?

        I also have some other posts about Hong Kong restaurants on the Hong Kong, China posts.

        Here's to good eating!


        1. portuguese food in macau is pretty good. shoot for a late lunch in the small places and avoid the crowds. restaurants in the big hotels like the venetian do not work for me.

          in hong kong, i seek out fresh seafood. the outdoor markets in central (walk up!) work for me. the restaurants on lamma island like rainbow seafood, hilton, others are very good. all-in-all, a very pleasant way to spend the day. me? i take the ferry to yung shue wan, hike the trail over the spine of the island to sok kwu wan (maybe 90 minutes) and chow down at the seafood restaurants there. rainbow sends me home on their boat.

          hong kong was a crown colony. don't ignore the shops/restaurants/cafes in soho.

          spend some time in stanley. goofy, yes but the number 6 bus ride from central will knock your socks off. lunch and champers at lucy's is well worth the time invested.

          if you can, grab an invite to the royal hong kong yacht club. ditto the foreign correspondents' club.

          lots to see, lots to do. it's all good. this is the best time of year to be there so enjoy both the food and weather.

          1. Some recommendation for Macau local food scene:
            1. Portugese Macau food: on my recent trip,. I actually prefer Litoral to A Lorcha and Fernando. Litoral is very close to A Lorcha, just a few blocks away. They are all famous Portugese restaurants in Macau. A Lorcha and Fernando are actually more authentic while Litoral has slight Cantonese influence. I love the Sauteed Clams, Curry Crabs that are served in Litoral.
            2. Cantonese: The newly opened Canto in Venetian has pretty good Dim Sum. If you want to venture outside of hotels, Noble House (near Golden Dragon Hotel) serves decent Cantonese food with more reasonable pricing.
            3. Portugese egg tart: This is a well known Macau desert and the most famous one is in Coloane Island. Can't remember the name and address; you can check with the hotel concierge, they all know it but not easily accesible as you need to take a 15-30 minutes taxi ride from most hotels. The owner's ex-wife opened one in Macau island in the downtown area, equally good and within walking distance from Lisboa/Wynn hotels.
            4. Pork Bun ; It is a pork chop wrapped on a bun sold on most outdoor food stalls. The well known one is near Food Street on Taipa Island (between Crown and venetian hotels). Again, please check with the concierge for name and address.
            5. Crab Porridge : I like the one in Food Street (it is a literal translation from Cantonese where all the stores are restaurants on that street). You can easily identify it as it is always full at night. But if you are westerner, you probably want to avoid this place as it is too crowded, not very clean and I am not sure if English menu is available.
            6. Wanton Mie : This shop called Wong Chi Kee (translation maybe incorrect) in downtown area is well known for its shrimp paste wanton mie, even frequented by Hong Kong tourists.
            7. Souvenir shops: before you leave, you may want to visit the souvenir shops selling the Macau snacks. These shops are all over Macau. I usually go to the one called Choi Heong Yuen with branches in different locations. If you go to the Food Street, there is one opposite the entrance.