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Dec 24, 2007 08:51 PM

A scaloppini tip and a question

I noticed perfectly pre-cut turkey breast scaloppini at my supermarket today and decided to make them for dinner (panko crusted with spaghetti and three hour marinara - a favorite comfort dinner for me).

I tried a tip implied by this month's Cooks Illustrated and it worked well: I added some flour and mustard to the egg mixture before dipping in panko. CI suggests that this helps the breading stick better, and I concur. Now the odd thing about the CI recipe is that they still have you dip the cutlets in plain flour before you dip in the egg mixture. I skipped this entirely and found that just adding the flour (and mustard) to the egg mixture, dipping once in this, and then coating in panko resulted in a great cutlet. (The other tip which I'm not sure the article mentions is to cook on a fairly low heat -- enough to brown but not more to prevent the meat from seizing up.)

Now here's the question: these were preformed scaloppini, perfectly and evenly thin. I find when I pound them myself, I can never get such a perfect evenness. Anyone have any tips for doing so? I like a very thin, <1/4", cutlet. And I want it even.

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