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Dec 24, 2007 08:08 PM

Wayland Square Wine, Providence - What happened?

Does anyone here know the story of why they aren't open? Especially after the excellent recent redo? I heard a rumor about a license transfer issue between owners...

Anyone know anything else?

- Garris

PS: If anyone knows any rumors about what might be filling the other vacancies in the Square, I'd love to hear those too...

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  1. I thought George (tall guy with glasses) took over ownership and remodeled, but last time I was there they said he was no longer at the store, which is too bad - I think chatting with him was the fun part of going there. I hope it gets up and running again.

    1. Wayland Sq. Wine just reopened and it sure looks like there are some happy Wayland Square residents as a result. I walked by twice yesterday and there was no other place in the area that had as much activity.

      1. I heard about a month ago that Not Your Average Joe's was going to open in the old Wayland Toy building. If it's anything like their N. Dartmouth location that means great beers and decent pizza. I'm hoping that's true, but it seems to be moving slowly.

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        1. re: mommabush

          Interesting if accurate, but disappointing it's a chain.

          It goes along with the rumor I heard that they wanted to recombine the Wayland Toy space with the empty knitting store space (apparently once upon a time the spaces were combined and were only separated in the last few years) and use it as a restaurant space.

          - Garris

        2. Now that Wayland Square Wine has reopened, I have been in several times and have to say that the prices are high, the selection weak and the personal attention poor at best. The two other places I have been to for wine have been better in every regard- Campus Fine Wines and Spirtus Fermenti. I have been stunned by the lack of interaction/ interest by the people who staff Wayland Square Wine. I've never been asked if I need assistance, never had any response other than a yes or a no to a simple question and have had my brief comments met with a bored, impassive sneer. In a place like this, customer service is a major factor. It sure is convenient for those of us who live in the area so I really do hope they turn things around.

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          1. re: mvi

            I can't say my experience has been dramatically different, but as you point out, the convenience factor is very high.

            - Garris