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Dec 24, 2007 06:55 PM

Open on Christmas Day in Westchester?

This is our first Christmas living outside of Manhattan, and it has occurred to me that there might not be too much open on Christmas Day in lower Westchester.

Being Jewish, it's a given that we have Chinese food, but we ended up having it tonight with my in-laws (and we had it on Saturday as well) so we don't want it again. I'm pretty much open to any cuisine, but the only caveat is that I have 2 small kids, so it can't be anywhere too upscale. Are diners even open?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks very much.

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  1. You will find a few scattered places open. Just checked OpenTable - Macmenimans in New Rochelle has openings which is ok with the kids.Don't know the ages of your kids but La Chateau had openings also. It is more upscale but we've found they welcome children.

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      Thanks, My children are 3 and1, so not really looking for something like Le Chateau.

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        call horsefeathers in tarrytown to see if theyre open

    2. try calling El Dorado diner (Elmsford and Tarrytown) - I went to their sister diner in Stamford and they were open.

      1. Thanks for suggestions. We ended up eating lunch at Epstein's Deli on Central Park Avenue, mostly because we were driving by and it was open.

        Then for dinner we brought in food from Toyo in Mamaroneck.