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Nov 20, 2000 07:58 AM

Pasadena for Thanksgiving....advice for evening dinner?

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We are flying to Pasadena on Thanksgiving for a wedding that weekend. Can anyone suggest a restaurant that will be open for dinner on Thanksgiving? We are due to arrive by 5 pm. It doesn't necessarily have to be a traditional Thanskgiving dinner. We love Indian, sushi, Spanish, you name it. However, we are afraid that most restaurants will be closed in the evening (as they are here). Any and all suggestions appreciated!!!! Happy Thanksgiving All!

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  1. This isn't precisely in Pasadena, but: drive south on Los Robles, way down through San Marino, and continuing on when it merges into Garfield at the Alhambra border. Turn left at Valley Boulevard, which is another couple miles down the road.

    Just before Del Mar, you will see an enormous mall on your right, San Gabriel Square, which is home to 15 of the best Chinese restaurants in the U.S. Some of them will be open--go for Tung Lai Shun, the Islamic Chinese place, or Seafood Strip, the Taiwanese seafood place, or even the hand-pulled noodle place Chu's Mandarin, but you really can't lose.

    1. Chris,

      Good call...most restaurants are closed. Your 5 p.m. arrival time is iffy...arriving at LAX, arriving in Pasadena...where? Like other cities, best to look to the hotels. In our town, the Huntington Ritz=Carlton is a must visit. Make reservations there. Then, go home and watch "Titanic" on NBC4. Personally, I'm going to the Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara. BTW, I'm in the fine dining restaurant biz. :o)