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Best crabcakes in Portland/Seattle?

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Sorry double post!

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  1. Given that all a crabcake needs is a lightly filmed hot pan and enough time to heat through, I have addressed my crab-cake yearnings by buying house-made Dungeness crab-cakes at Ballard Market. When Larry's disappeared, BM took up the challenge and is meeting it well. Great crabcakes. Tasty. Easy.

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      Have you tried QFCs? I've been meaning to try them since the price is right and one other review i heard was positive. Seems the restaurant ones are so expensive. Although West5 in West Seattle has a trio of small ones on their happy hour menu at a lovely price.

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        I have not. This is probably because the new ownership by Kroger's makes me suspicious, but next time I roll past one I'll push myself in.

    2. haven't been for a while, but Steelhead diner used to have good crabcakes w/ a bit of spicy aioli

      1. the house-made crab cakes at Madison Market on Cap Hill in Seattle are great ... loads of crab. still can't top a Tom Douglas crab cake either ...

        1. I recently had some crab cakes at the restaurant in the Edgewater Hotel (Six Seven?), and I thought they were pretty well executed.

          1. It's been awhile, but Oceanaire had crab cakes that were pretty much no filler and all crab.....Those and Dahlia's are probably my favorites.

            1. a close friend swears by the crabcakes at Stanford's (just opened at Northgate)