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Nov 18, 2000 04:48 PM

Chiu Chow Goose

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Does anybody know where to get Chiu Chow goose. It was a favorite of mine.

I ate it a Chiu Chow resturant that has been closed for years. It was located on the 3rd floor at the corner of Atlantic and Garvey (where the Human- Charming Garden is now, one of my favorites, loose one gain one}. That resturant was also the only resturant that I knew of that seved high quality tea, if you asked for it.

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  1. Try the braised goose at 888 Seafood restaurant, a massive Chiu Chow restaurant on Valley Boulevard in San Gabriel. Very nice. Another creditable version of the dish is usually on hand at Ruen Pair, a Thai Chinese place on Hollywood Boulevard near Western.