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Dec 24, 2007 03:24 PM

Best Place to Take a Vegetarian in Chinatown?

They do eat fish, so that helps. But any suggestions? Grown tired of Jumbo Seafood.

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  1. Buddha's Delight
    5 Beach St
    Boston, MA 02111
    (617) 451-2395

    Not the best food you ever ate, but it's vegan, so your friend doesn't have to worry.

    1. If they eat fish, it's pretty easy. I have a bunch of vegan friends, and I tend to have dinner with them in Chinatown since it's convenient to the red and orange lines. I'm finding that Vietnamese is a little easier for vegetarians than Chinese. Your friend should be able to eat anything on the vegetarian menu at Xinh Xinh (the hot pot has fish sauce in it) and anything on the much larger vegetarian menu at Pho Pasteur (though their vegetarian salad rolls are way less good than Xinh Xinh's).

      I have no heard the best things about Buddha's Delight. I wouldn't bother with that, esp. since fish sauce is not an issue.

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        The Shabu at Kaze (my favorite) and Shabu-Zen are great options. Cook your own veggies in a vegetarian broth.

        At Taiwan Cafe, the Jumbo Shrimp with Yellow Chives and the Homestyle Braised Eggplant are two of the best dishes in Chinatown (even as a full-blooded meat eater, that's what I order). They also have a Edamame, Tofu, and Mustard Greens dish that is more straight-ahead veggie, which is a good foil to the above two dishes.

        1. re: wittlejosh

          Oh, good idea about the shabu places.

          The braised eggplant and edamame dishes at Taiwan Cafe are very good (esp. the eggplant, yum!). Does anyone know if the eggplant dish has any fish sauce?

      2. Another seafood restaurant is Peach Farm Garden, which is one of my personal favorites. They have a fairly extensive vegetables menu as well.

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          Is East Ocean City no longer popular? I think it's owned by the same folks as Kaze.

        2. The original comment has been removed