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How Should I Use Extra Ham?

We've got a honey baked ham for Christmas and I'm wondering what to do with the extras. In particular I'm looking for dinner ideas (although maybe breakfast too). If you have a great idea for a sandwich combo, fine too, but not looking for ham salad, etc. Some things I've thought of are: mac and cheese with ham; risotto with peas and ham; and making some black beans or soup with the ham bone. I'm +/- on jambalaya. What are your ideas???

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  1. Good leftover ham is fantastic in split pea soup, and I would be remiss if I didn't strongly encourage you to make a pasta alfredo with ham and peas as well.

    Mac and cheese w/ham (or bacon..mmm) is a great standby, as are eggs benedict.

    1. Friend of ours used to get a big Honeybaked ham for her Christmas party every year. She hated leftovers, though, so she'd give us the bone to take home...which often still had a few pounds of ham on it. Money in the bank! I'd usually strip the bone and trim out the meat, and make a good strong ham-broth from the bones and trimmings, then use that for bean dishes, split pea soup, or even cooking country-style green beans (all of the flavor, none of the fat!). The meat is good in all of those things, as well as such dishes as scalloped potatoes with ham, an old family favorite of ours. And if you want to keep it, though it won't last forever refrigerated (though it will for quite a while) it freezes very well. Just put it in heavy Ziplocks with all the air squeezed out, so it won't get freezer-burned.

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        I just unexpectedly inherited a ham bone (hock?). I want to make split pea soup with it, but I don't have any split peas. From your post, it sounds as though I can make broth now, then the split pea soup, later. I've only made chicken/turkey stock before. Is ham broth pretty much the same? Any tips? Thanks.

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          I've never made a ham bone broth, so I can't help you there. I echo what Will said about freezing the bone until you get some split peas!

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            I made split pea soup with my ham bone for Thanksgiving (and am planning on doing it with my Christmas bone too). I just popped the bone in the freezer until I had time to make the soup, and it turned out perfectly.

        2. Here's a "glamorous" type of ham with pasta recipe...would you ever pair ham with tomatoes? I wouldn't but I did for this and it's really great...Baked Rigatoni with Ham, Tomatoes and Feta from epicurious...pretty rich but very very delicious and a different way to use up leftover ham:


          1. My mother used to make something with potatoes- I think scalloped potatoes and ham- it had some sliced onions and milk and was baked in a glass baking dish. Was different and good.

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              I have a variation of that that my family loves. I cube the ham and cut russet potatoes about the same size as the ham. I cook the potatoes until just tender. Drain them. Meantime, in a double boiler, I melt a 9 0z brick of jack cheese (any kind of cheese will do) with some canned evaporated milk (whole milk). I add a small diced onion. When the cheese is a thick creamy consistency I add the cubed ham and potatoes and let them warm in the gooey cheese mixture. It's so good. Special note, you must use evaporated milk as fresh milk will curdle the cheese. I wouldn't even try low fat evaporated. This is strictly a comfy food that needs all the "bad" ingredients to make it soooo good.

            2. An article of faith in our family for three generations is "Ground Ham": either grind ham or chop it coarsely in the Cuisinart along with some sweet pickles. Bind it with mayonnaise and a little Dijon mustard. Eat it on crackers while watching football games. De rigueur with beer or Vernor's Ginger Ale.

              1. I just brought home some leftover ham from a xmas-eve party and I will be making a nice ham quiche with it. If I have leftovers from the quiche, I will be making ham and cheese scones.
                If you have the bone, a nice boiled dinner would be a good plan.

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                  Thanks for the inspiration on ham and cheese scones -- made some this morning and they were terrific! I put a bit of cayenne and some herbs in the dough and they came out really nice.

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                    Glaid you liked the idea - those are one of my favorites.

                2. My family loves this glaze on ham and in a side
                  dish for adding extra glaze to their ham slices.

                  This sauce would also be good on left over ham.

                  Pineapple - Brown Sugar Glaze for Ham

                  2 cups brown sugar
                  1 (20-oz) can crushed pineapple with juice
                  4 Tbs lemon juice
                  2 Tbs dry or prepared mustard
                  2 Tbs corn starch mixed with 4 Tbs cold water
                  1/4 tsp salt
                  1/8 tsp ground cloves

                  Place all ingredients in a heavy bottom saucepan.
                  Mix well, heat over medium heat, stirring occasionally.
                  Bring to a simmer and cook for 1 or 2 minutes until sauce thickens.
                  Remove from heat.
                  Pour some glaze over ham near end of cooking, reserve remainder
                  to serve from bowl at table.

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                    Ham quiche
                    Macaroni and cheese and ham
                    Split pea soup

                  2. Make a cheesy scalloped potatoes and ham dish, for sure. Bake it til you get that deep brown crusty top, mmm.
                    Also, you could do a sort of raclette meal with either raclette cheese or any other you like by pouring melted cheese over a boiled potato on your plate. Grind on some black pepper and serve with cornichons and slices of ham and enjoy a delicious and cozy rustic supper.

                    I'm glad you started this thread, we have a ham in the oven now and will surely be looking for ideas in the days to come.

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                      Ham and scalloped potatoes is on the menu for tonight, no cheese for us though, just a nice creamy white sauce.

                      I actually look forward to the ham & scalloped potatoes more then the baked ham.

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                        delicious, delicious, delicious. I'm with you, it's better than the ham straight.

                        Imade fondue yesterday and even though I've made it millions of times, it didn't work out well. Never really blended well and then turned into a solid lump when cooled. So we're thinking of doing scalloped potatoes and ham with the fondue cheese, baked in the oven. After that I think we'll do it your way with the rest of the ham. That's how my mom made it, white sauce-no cheese, and I love it.

                        Leftover nirvana.

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                          My mom for the first half of her life was basically a BH&G Cookbook cook, period, while her father was arguably the best cook in the family. However, the one dish she did that he utterly adored was her scalloped potatoes with ham, so whenever he came to visit we'd have that. I hated the dish when I was a kid - I had this thing about soggy crumbs - which made me oddly ambivalent about Grandpop's visits, as he was easily my favorite grandparent. Now they're both gone, but I still have the now-beloved scalloped potatoes and ham, delicious soggy crumbs and all.

                          1. re: Will Owen

                            What are the soggy crumbs? Does she add bread crumbs to the dish?

                            My mom made this dish when I was growing up,it was one of my favorites, but mine is finally better than hers.

                            I made one of my best versions ever last night. It may have been the ham, I simmered the ham (11 lbs) christmas eve for 4 hours in a mix of Vernors Ginger Ale, beer, black pepper, allspice, bay leaves, a cut up onion, the leafy tops of some celery, and garlic. Then I baked it for an hour after that with a glaze of brown sugar, yellow mustard, and honey.

                            I make a basic white sauce - butter, onions and flour to make a roux, and then add milk. I layer the casserole dish with the ham & sliced potatoes, and then pour the sauce over the ham & potatoes, and bak covered for 50 minutes @ 375, and then uncovered for 30 mins to finish. My wife, one year old daugher, and I pretty much finished off the entire dish.

                      2. Lots of good ideas here. I'm planning to make either fried rice or a rice pilaf with some of the leftover ham.

                        1. Learned the hard way: Honey baked ham bone in beans makes for a sweet dish, not savory. It's amazing how much sugar is in that bone and marrow.

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                            But it works if you make a cajun bean soup! Add some heat to counter act the sweet!

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                              Hmm, was thinking about some bean/soup somewhere in the near future. Can either of you expand upon your experience of what works or doesn't with the sweetness of the honey baked bones? Spicy would be a lovely direction to go; do you have a recipe that would work?

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                                I use this cajun bean soup mix from Hurst's, but I don't follow their recipe. I do use their seasonings, but I also add some hot links in there. I just get the links, cut them into little slices, and toss them in. I also have a bad habit, or maybe it's a good one, of tossing in whatever leftover meat I happen to have on hand. One time I had some leftover chicken, brisket, the hot links, and ham! Geez that was good!


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                                  I'm not crazy about split pea soup made with a honey-baked ham bone. I've tried it more than once, and finally realized it was the sweetness in the ham that left me with split pea soup that just was not as good as soup made with a regular ham hock.

                                  I did make a good white bean soup with honey-baked ham leftovers this fall, though. I just followed the recipe on the bag of white beans and added a bay leaf. I agree that a soup with a honey-baked ham base would probably work better with some spice to counter the sweet.

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                                    Oh, I didn't think of the honey ham being too sweet for split pea soup but it makes sense. I froze the leftovers and bone from ours to make pea soup with but now I think I'll make a white bean, as you did. I do have smoked pork neck bones in the freezer, maybe I'll use that for split pea.

                            2. My mom used to make ham en croute, which we may try this year--puff pastry sheets or phyllo dough, spread with mustard, layer with leftover ham and cheese of choice, wrap the puff pastry on top, and bake until golden and bubbly. Like a fancy hot ham sandwich. Delicious!

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                                I love these ideas, but really, my favorite is simply chopped ham with scrambled eggs.
                                When we get ham for dinner, I'm really dreaming of this. Simple heaven.

                              2. Boxing day breakkie at our house:

                                pita rounds, toaste, spread with Provencale mustard, some torn lettuce, slices of left over Xmas ham, topped with a poached egg (yolk still runny.)

                                Heavenly sigh!

                                1. Last week I made a baby bok choy stir fry with shards of Niman Ranch ham.


                                  1. I love Brown Rice, green peppers, onions and ham. Just make a batch of brown rice, saute some onions and green pepper in butter. add some cubed ham to the veggies. Mix it allwith the cooked rice and EAT! Yummy!

                                    1. Gemelli with Ham & Peas:
                                      Start cooking the gemelli.
                                      Saute some onion in olive oil, add your ham, add some peas (frozen ok) and a bit of water... add some cream and stir in grated parmesan. Stir in the pasta. Simple but delicious.

                                      If you have a lot of ham, you can make Spanish croquetas. My family does this often with holiday leftovers - my favorite is smoked turkey croquetas. In any case, you make a basic bechamel, stir in finely chopped meat (food processor works great for this if the meat is pretty dry), spread in a thin layer and refrigerate for a few hours. Make small balls with this 'dough', dip each in beaten egg then coat with breadcrumbs. Freeze for later at this point or shallow-fry in olive oil.