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Dec 24, 2007 01:44 PM

coming to portland from nyc...where to eat?

I'm coming to Portland on vacation with my boyfriend...we are big foodies but are on a bit of a budget. We could probably manage one expensive meal. Where should it be? Descriptions would be helpful. And where do people go for their favorite inexpensive meals? Any "best kept secret" type places? I'd rather go with word of mouth from chowhound than a guidebook!

Thanks so much and happy holidays!!

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  1. Hi Mersy,
    I think your best bet would be to simply scroll back over the last couple weeks. Variations of your question come up almost daily. Portland has some great options. Hope you enjoy your stay.

    1. This summers' NYT article notwithstanding, the entire town should be treated like one big secret.

      One definite stop, though, should be Pok Pok on SE Division. Everything else can be added to your itinerary according to your tastes, but I would say Pok Pok is a must-stop.

      1. You have lots of options, Portland is a very foodie friendly place. Lots of local micro's also. Here is the local food blog, enjoy.


        1. Toro Bravo or Le Pigeon for your splurge. For inexpensive, you might check out the recommended Thai places (since they're a local specialty), such as Chaba Thai on Sandy or Siam Society on Alberta. Mexican is not a NYC specialty, so you might enjoy our wonderful places such as df, Taco Nueve, Autentica and Nuestra Cocina. Also the taco trucks, don't forget the taco trucks...SE 34th and Division, Interstate and Killingsworth...yeah!

          1. PokPok for Thai

            Alberta Street Oyster Bar and Grill for contemp American/seafood

            Biwa for AMAZING non sushi Japanese

            Genies for brunch (and a great bloody mary)

            Toro Bravo for tapas