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Dec 24, 2007 11:35 AM

Vegie in Mill Valley

Hi all, this board has been fantastic, soory I have not been on it for a while.

I am looking for a vegetarian place to eat breakfast lunch or dinner in Mill Valley. Any suggestions?


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  1. My daughter's been a vegetarian for years, and we live in Mill Valley, so we've tried a lot of places. We don't go out of our way to find veggie restaurants, since most places have several veggie choices on their menus. Places we like are:

    Avatar's Punjabi Burritos (more of a lunch place)
    Avatar's (related and at the north end of Sausalito, but really good for lunch or dinner)
    Fishman Village (Chinese)
    Cactus Cafe
    The Anchorage (also north end of Sausalito - great breakfasts and Mexican food - I'm addicted to their Huevos Montana)

    Hope you enjoy some of these!

    1. Toast in downtown Mill Valley makes a great veggie scramble (with tofu or eggs) -- other options too

      1. Dipsea Cafe has lots of salad options and good breakfasts, nice creekside view too; Sushi Ran for great tempura.