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Nov 11, 2000 05:24 AM

Dim Sum Update

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Now that Harbour Village in Monterey Park is gone (and I am very unimpressd with folks who took over the location) I have moved on to NBC in Monterey Park.
Any other opinions on a new Dim Sum spot? Before anyone mentions Ocean Star, I found the food overly MSG'ed. I am not overly sensitive to MSG but this place made me ill.
Ok, hounds...go for it.


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    Scott Elofson

    I agree that the Harbour Village replacement not as good, but Harbour Village was on the way down for a couple years before it closed. In the beginning its service and food were great. I have eaten dim sum there 3 times since the change and have not been very excited by the food.

    Does anyone know what happened to the other resturants in the the Harbour Village group? I know they had one in SF an a 3 in Hong Kong area.

    I have not eaten at NBC for years. Maybe I should try again.

    I have not has a problem with Ocean Star's MSG level, but I have at other resturants. I like their Dim Sum much better than their dinner menu. But I used to love Harbor Village dinner menu.

    I too would like a new dim sum place.

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      Sea Star in Alhambra (Main St. at Raymond) is pretty good - though not up to Harbor Village at its best. It's relaxed and unbelievably cheap - we rarely pay more than $5 per person for all the dim sum we can handle.

    2. I think the subject has been pretty well covered by previous posts on the L.A. Board., and I'm not aware of any new "undiscovered" place for dim sum that would challenge the established leaders. In addition to the Monterey Park places, including NBC, there's Empress Pavilion downtown and Regal Palace on Pacific Coast Highway in Torrance.

      1. My first time at Chowhound, so a belated response on a subject dear to my stomach. My wife and I have recently gone in search of new dim sum after our local favorite closed. By far the best we have found is "888" on Valley Boulevard, just west of Walnut Grove (that's either Rosemead or San Gabriel). We think it has excellent variety (try the eggplant) and quality; decore is a notch above; not cheap, just real good, big and very busy.
        Harbor Village was on way down and too expensive and Ocean Star seems to have settled for being the biggest not the best. Try 888!