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Nov 10, 2000 05:44 PM

What is the most bizarre concoction on L.A. menus?

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The creativity in Los Angeles kitchens is sometimes expressed by the wacky, weird and just plain bizarre foods that one can find if you turn over the rocks in the restaurant landscape of L.A.
I'll start things off with my personal favorite---the Chili-Mac---as served at Bob Morris' barbeque restaurant on Pico near Beverwil. This inspired bit of lunacy begins with a thin beefsteak on a bed of macaroni & cheese, covered with chili, then a layer of fried onion rings, then a layer of pulled pork, then more chili topped with grated cheese. Keep your cell phone handy for emergency artery roto-rootering service!

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  1. At Lavande restaurant in the Lowes Hotel in Santa Monica they serve braised short ribs with scallops. It sounded weird and was a strange combination of flavors that never belonged together.
    They also serve a SWEET lobster bisque. It is weird and not at all enjoyable. I can't believe the chef has ever tasted anything that he has ever cooked.
    I miss Alain very much.

    1. Fried ants and grasshoppers at Typhoon at the Santa Monica Airport. Tastes fine, but don't look down at your plate.