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Dec 24, 2007 10:21 AM

looking for a reasonably priced, delicious restaurant in boston....

hey there!
i used to live in boston and i am coming back next week for a short visit and i need some advice on some place to eat. it's been years since i've lived there so i feel a little out of touch on where to go....
i'm stayng in back bay and am looking for somewhere either there, south end, north end or cambridge...and maybe something italian....but really all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i love all different types of food...

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  1. In the South End, try Petit Robert, and in SoWa, Gaslight or Rocca - all tasty and reasonably priced!

    1. We moved a couple of years ago, but my favorites were Oleana and Helmand, both good food and very reasonably priced. Both are in Cambridge, actually.

      1. I second the Helmand in East Cambridge, and would also add the West Side Lounge and Garden at the Cellar, both just outside Harvard Sq.

        In and around the Back Bay, I'd try Grotto for Italian prix fixe for $35 in Beacon HIll, and Parish Cafe on Boylston at the corner of Arlington St.

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          ooh thanks for the suggestion....i used to love the sandwiches at the parish and definately plan on going there...been to the helmand a couple times as well and loved it....

        2. For affordable Italian cuisine away from the North End, try Trattoria Toscana on Jersey St...near Fenway. Small, family run with outstanding culinary skill...owner is the chef.

          1. Piattini on Newbury Street has great lunch and dinner menu, and (piattini is italian for small plates) great smaller portions of food. It's reasonably priced and the food is always very good.

            on Newbury between Fairfield and Gloucester...