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Dec 24, 2007 10:09 AM

Flying with wine

I'm visiting my boyfriend for the holiday, and have a bottle of homemade wine that I'd like to bring with me. Since it's homemade, it's not in a corked or sealed bottle and I'm wondering if it's safe to pack.

I know you can fly with wine if it's in your checked luggage, but I'm worried about what type of bottle or packaging I should put it in so to avoid it exploding all over my clothes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. You don't have to worry about the "exploding" part - the worst that can happen is that some wine will escape from this poorly sealed bottle and yes, it can get into your clothing. You have to seal the bottle fairly well if it goes into the checked in luggage. Either I would be absolutely confident about how well the bottle is sealed or I would never pack it into my luggage - the resulting stains/damage may not be worth the whole exercise. You may purchase some special beer-bottles caps with rubber seals - they work very well on opened beers, not sure if the fit bottle of wine. I never had problems traveling with normally (industrially) corked bottles in the checked-in luggage.

    1. There have been several other very infomative threads on this. Just scroll or search.

      1. Just put it in a plastic bag when you stow it in your checked luggage. The airplane will "decompress" to an equivalent altitiude of about 10,000 feet (you too) which could prompt only a few drops of leakage at worst, depending on your seal.

        1. Interesting question. I assume that it is sealed with a cork. Maybe add a Champagne "cage" to hold the cork tightly. This might depend on the design of the lip of the bottle. I have never traveled with a home-sealed bottle, but normal, commercial seals, seem to hold well in checked luggage.

          Good luck - and maybe use a large Zip-Loc baggie.


          1. I agree with several of the posts - find a bottle to store it in in which you can secure the seal - perhaps in a grolsch-style bottle which has a ceramic stopper attached. And, I never pack anything that can spill, stain or otherwise mess up things in my luggage without putting it in two heavy-duty zip top bags (yeah, i'm kinda an@l that way, but I reuse the bags over and over and over). So, what kind of wine is it?