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Nov 9, 2000 04:46 PM

new american

  • k

anyone know where to get great contemporary american food, particularly upscale, in los angeles?

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    1. re: JOEA

      it's classic american spun with new interpretations.
      an example of new american was Paio in Silver Lake,a truly great restaurant, but I think it went out of business.

      1. re: kevin
        Leslie Brenner

        There was a thread on exactly this question a few months ago, and I posted a (probably over-lengthy) explanation, including some of the history. It was probably in General Topics. Doing a search for New American should turn it up, I think...

      2. re: JOEA

        "new american" cuisine is a red flag that alerts you higer prices and smaller portions than good, plain old american comfort food.

      3. I like Woodside in Brentwood. Everything we've ordered there has been delicious and while upscale, it's still comfortable and not full of 'tude!

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        1. re: julia

          I read last Thursday in the LA Times in Angela Pettera's column that the chef had left that week. Seems he wanted a piece of the action and the owner refused. I want someone to try it now before I spend (waste) my money there. Post an opinion. I was a big fan of the chef.

          1. re: Larry

            As reported today in the LA Times, looks like Woodside will be no longer. Sadly. They're changing the name to Zax (ick) and the new chef comes from Boxer. They want to make it into a "destination" spot. Does this mean more trendy, less comfortable? Guess we'll see after next Tuesday (12/5)!