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Dec 24, 2007 09:22 AM

Any places open on Christmas other than Chinatown?

I'm stuck working on Christmas day and a few of my colleagues are wanting to grab some food and drinks after work in the evening. I don't know of any restaurants or pubs/bars open on Christmas day other than in Chinatown. Does anyone out there know of any other places to go?

Happy holidays to everyone out there!

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  1. Hotel restaurants and bars are open on Christmas Day. I'm sure some restaurants on the Danforth will also be open.

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    1. re: phoenikia

      Many hotel restaurants are offering special buffets on Dec 25 and are probably fully booked by now.

    2. There are lots of places that are open on Christmas day, more and more I've noticed. It won't be that hard to find a place, esp. sushi.

      1. Best is to just call the place you want to go to and ask them. It is surprising how many places are open.

        1. I agree with those people that say you'll surprised to find a lot open. Especially later in the day. I agree that if you have a place in mind, call them to see if they are open.

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            yonge/sheppard...yonge/finch...lots of restaurants with "open" signs!!

            1. re: ace123

              I recall reading that the Jerusalem, Eglinton west of Bathurst, is open 365 days a year.