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Dec 24, 2007 09:15 AM

Whole asian duck

Hello chowhounds,
I was driving to a concert downtown and I got a little lost. While driving around I saw some whole ducks hanging in a window of an asian shop. I don't remember where they were so does anyone know of any good spots downtown to buy whole cooked duck?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Many years ago, Jonathan Gold wrote a piece on this...called "All the Ducks in Chinatown." Ever since I have been getting mine from Lucky Deli in Chinatown. Love their BBQ pork as well.

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    1. re: Ciao Bob

      Read that article a ways back and have always bought my ducks from Lucky's. I used to get mine at United Poultry next door but they've closed down several years ago. Lucky Deli is still the best in my opinion and even better than Sam Woo. Had Sam Woo ducks from Chinatown, Cerritos, Monterey Park, and even Las Vegas which were OK but nothing to write home about. Been meaning to try A-1 Chinese BBQ on PCH and Eshelman one day. Heard their duck is pretty good?

    2. Sam Woo does fine duck. Pretty much any asian BBQ place...

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        I know that lots of the Cantonese restaurants in the SG Valley have roast-meats delis attached, where you can buy ducks as well as various cuts of pig. Sam Woo, on Broadway in Chinatown, might very well be where you saw the ducks in the window. One of the "radio station" dim sum places (ABC, CBS and NBC, and I can never remember which it was), also in Chinatown, has such a deli alongside the restaurant as well.

        1. re: Will Owen

          It's attached to CBS, alpine and ord I think? Right up the street from Phillipes

        2. re: ns1

          "Sam Woo does fine duck. Pretty much any asian BBQ place..."

          Ditto this.

        3. I think Sam Woo in Monterey Park sells more roast duck (they call it Peking Duck on their take out board) than anyone else. Went for dinner the other night and almost every table had duck on it and I peaked into the kitchen and must have seen 20 ducks lined up on the wall drying out for the next day and a lady having one cut up to take home. $12.95 each.

          Planning to go for Christmas lunch there and ordering a duck to eat there. Yes-they will be open.

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          1. re: monku

            Thanks to everyone who recommended Sam Woo - tried it this afternoon and it hit the spot. I'll pencil in a trip to Lucky's next time that I'm in Chinatown for comparison.

          2. Try some of the roast pork. If you want lots of meat with less fat, ask for the brisket section. They'll probably have no idea what you want, so you might want to try saying "sieu nom." "Sieu" is pronounced like "ewwww", which is what many people would say after seeing the head on the roast pig. "Nom" is pronounced with a short "o" sound. Another option is to try the rib section, although it's usually slightly more expensive. They'd most likely have no problems with understanding that.

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            1. re: raytamsgv

              Ha, if you're real adventurous, ask for the "gee tau" which is the whole pig head. Usually cost between $3 - 4 at Lucky's and by-the-pound at Sam Woo's. Great for making "jook" which is rice gruel sort of the Chinese comfort food enjoyed by countless millions of people. Restaurants usually serve jook towards the end of the day most probably using up the leftover rice into making tummy warming comfort food.