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Nov 8, 2000 01:04 PM

Office Holiday Party Planning

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Yikes! I was just assigned the Office Holiday Party and I'm new to L.A. County. We have approx. 40 people in our office and the budget is $100.00 per person. Not much, I know. We may or may not invite spouses/significant others. I want to but we may not have the dollars to do it.

I am looking for a restaurant or location in the L.A. (Burbank or Pasadena specifically) area to hold a holiday party (dinner or even a luncheon).

I need a location with great food, lots of holiday decor, and within budget.

Any suggestions? Please help!


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  1. Is your office paying for the party? Today, one of our Christmas committee members reported that our luncheon will be held at Acapulco Restaurant and will be charging $10.00 per person--we've never had a freebie! That's one reason why I never go and they always tend to pick crappy restaurants to eat at.

    1. how many people?? dinner or luncheon??

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        Our office is approx. 40 people. We are looking to do a luncheon. The company will be paying for the event and the budget is now $50.00 per person.

        I need a holiday themed location with fabulous food in the Burbank/Pasadena area.

        Any thoughts?


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          The Mrs and I love Mi Piace in Burbank. We have gone there for many special holiday occasions. Their Christmas decorations in the past have been gorgeous. You should stop by there for a dessert, just to check out the place. The owner is Arman (i probably spelled this incorrectly) he'll help you plan everything.

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        Mary Dinehart

        Yoiu might enjoy going to Nick's in South Pas. The winter-garden under the tent is fresh and delightful, and they always have seasonal plantings for the holidays. The food's wonderful.