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Dec 24, 2007 08:17 AM

Where can I buy really good bacon?

I am looking for some really good bacon. I live in the NE and work in Abington. I'm rarely in center city.

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  1. Some of the best bacon I have bought comes from the Amish at the different farmers markets. I know there is one on Cottman Ave in the NE, just west of the Blvd.
    The Amish usually have 2 or 3 kinds of bacon. Thick sliced, sometimes one with black pepper on it, ans 'Stolftus' brand. All are delicious, but they do not have all the preservatives as in the grocery store bacons, so they don't last as long in the frig.
    One of my friends buys it, divides it up, uses a vacuum sealer, and freezes it in portions. Point is, you have to eat it up within a week if you keep it in the frig. But it is really delicious bacon.
    You might also want to check out Riekers German Market in the NE, on Oxford Ave. I know they sell bacon, in addition to great meats.

    1. Try Giant Supermarket deli case - loose bacon by the pound. It's Kuntzler Double Smoked bacon... we think it's the best available grocer bacon. It's the Giant w/ orange letters, not the Super G Giant.

      1. Country Time Pork - the best.
        ph.: (610) 562-2090
        pastured pork, no GMO grains or antibotics, heritage breeds
        They sell at various farmer's markets.

        1. Hendricks Farms bacon! You can buy it at the farm store in Telford, at Brig O'Doon in Ottsville, sometimes at Cheese! in Phoenixville, and at Willow Creek Orchard. Totally addictive.

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            Second the Hendricks bacon - wonderful & alos organic. If you go out to the farm in Telford (they also sell wonderful cheese, beef, lamb & pork), you can also stop by other local farms selling organic chicken / eggs / bison and produce - well worth the trip. Here is their website...