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Dec 24, 2007 08:15 AM

Kansas City's Best (Not Q)

I'll be in Kansas City on the 27th, having dinner with an former girlfriend I haven't seen in a long time. Would like to go someplace really nice, where the food is imaginative and reliable---all the KC high-end restaurants seem to get wildly mixed reviews. Who Can Help?
There was an ancient old-time place downtown, can't remember the name of it, with high ceilings and steaks and booths, out of the 1890's, what was the name of it, that was a high-point of my long ago (1980's) KC dining experience. Would prefer a relaxed, and perhaps throwback atmosphere, not sleek and modern, if modern means austere.
I'll be eating breakfast alone the next morning. Any help there?

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  1. 1924 Main - haven't been but look it up - Rob Dalzell has a great reputation. It's in an old bldg and I think it's got a cozier atmoshphere versus sleek and modern.

    1. Also Lill's on 17th or Michael Smith's - though Michael Smith's might be more modern.

      1. The "ancient old-time place downtown" is probably referring to the Majestic Steakhouse at 9th & Broadway or the Savoy Grille at 9th & Central. Both are downtown and both have high back booths and "old-timey" atmosphere. Personally, I think both are a bit overpriced, but the service is decent and the food, while not incredible, is good quality. Filet dinner is around $35-40 at either place. One place you might consider is Pierpont's in the old Union Station. It's the same sort of atmosphere, but in the old train station a bit south of downtown. It's about the same price. As far as breakfast goes... it's not downtown, but it's some good breakfast...Corner Cafe in Riverside just north of the river. Very reasonable prices. Have incredible cinnamon rolls and all kinds of baked goods. You don't say if your driving or relying on cabs. KC is pretty spread-out, so cab fare can set you back a few bucks. Corner Cafe is okay if you have a car, probably want something closer if you don't.

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          I'll have a car. I used to live in Springfield, and for a while Kansas City was my default Big City Destination. Then I switched girlfriends, and had a run of St. Louis.
          Thanks for the tips.

        2. Garozzo's, the downtown location, I like their Italian, and it feels like you have stepped back in time, you expect Sinatra to stroll in,

          Savoy or Majestic otherwise.

          1. PotPie for dinner if you're looking for relaxed- its spot on every time I'm there. The service is my fav in KC. and the food is always prepared well. Try the bread pudding if you go. You Say Tomato for breakfast is a can't miss as well.