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Dec 24, 2007 08:07 AM

S. Beach lunch place needed

Florida Chowhounds, need to find lunch place in South Beach or near Bal Harbour shopping mall for 3 college girls and Mom visiting South Florida for Sat 12/29. Would have really loved Wolfie's, but understand this is no longer. Does the Rascal House still exist? Is it any good?We will be in shorts & T's, so no place fancy, thanks. Please include address or phone # so we can get directions, thanks!

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  1. Here are some in south beach - bug, I put in more than 10...

    1801 Purdy avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Joe's Stone Crab Take Away
    11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Le Bon
    723 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL

    1. Here are some more - spris, le bon, rosinella are all on lincoln rd. Ice Box is just off of linconln road on michigan avenue.

      Mr Chu's Hong Kong Cuisine
      890 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

      1. Rascal House is open. Food's okay, overpriced. Wouldn't kill myself to get there. Try one of the places on Harding Ave in Surfside, just south of Bal Harbor, they're all pretty casual. Best of all, you can leave your car at the mall and walk.

        1. Any recs for a good Jewish deli or local seafood? Sounds like Rascal House is not worth the effort. We are visiting from Ohio and a good Jewish deli or some really fresh seafood would be a real treat. Joe's Stone Crab restaurant is a little too $$$ but we want more than take away, Thanks!

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            Just because you go to Takeaway doesn't mean you have to leave! They have seats within the Takeaway confines for your dining pleasure. Both places are well worth trying as you'll find neither up in OHIO. Do Joe's for lunch, or try that Capatin Jim's everyone seems to be raving about on this board for seafood.

            1. re: netmover

              Thanks Netmover! By the name, was under the impression it was a "to go" only place.

          2. I would also suggest A La Folie on Espanola Way for lunch. Great sandwiches and crepes with an atmosphere that gives off that "French street corner" vibe.

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            1. re: Blind Mind

              I have not been in a while because of mosquitos. Anyone know if they ever did anything about it?

              1. re: tpigeon

                No clue. I imagine with the cooler weather we are experiencing now that the mosquitos are long gone.

                1. re: Blind Mind

                  You would be surprised. I have gotten bitten up there in winter too...