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Dec 24, 2007 07:42 AM

New Tony Lukes off rt 33 in Hamilton

Anyone try this brand new addition yet? Heard it was just as good if not better than the original. The bread is supposibly new and even better than than ever

heres the article about it

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  1. Drove past on Saturday, looked pretty crowded, think it was the first day open.
    They are in a little white building next to Angeloni's on Rt.33.
    I'm psyched because although they are famous for the pork sandwiches, they have a good variety of chicken cutlet and veggie options too (loves me the cutlet w/prov and broccoli rabe).

    1. Went right after Christmas. I had the Italian pork sandwich with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe - awesome! My daughter had a cheesesteak with sweet peppers and wiz. The bread is perfect! Much closer to me than Philly!

      1. Tried to go again tonight but 10:00 close... Hopefully soon... Awesome!

        1. I was there the other night and the line was out the door and i only waited about 15 min for 8 sandwiches. we had the 4 steaks with wiz fried onions and sweet peppers that was great. We also ordered the buffalo chicken cheese steak wow is all i can say it was greeaaat!!!!! and of course the pork with sharp provolone and broccoli def check it out

          1. I went last week and had my first ever Tony Luke's Italian Pork. Awesome sandwich. I really want to try a cheesesteak next time, but the Italian Pork was so good it will be hard not to order it again. Great addition to the area.