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Dec 24, 2007 07:34 AM


On my quest to find a replacment for my beloved Granita, I found that Jennifer Naylor was now Du-Par's Executive Chef. Has anyone been to DuPar's in a while? How's the food? Any different from how it used to be?

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  1. I just went for the 1st time on Friday morning and I wasn't impressed by the food nor the value.

    1. May have gone down a peg or two since the 3 or so units were sold 2ish years ago.
      But they will be open and jammed on Christmas day!

      1. They still serve up a pretty good breakfast, although it's not quite what it was before the Naylor ownership. I don't care what they claim, I can tell that they've made some change to the hotcake recipe. And they don't achieve the same consistency with the French Toast because they no longer trim off the crusts before dipping the bread (the secret to a perfect FT).

        1. I was a frequent patron of the old Du-Par's at 3rd and Fairfax. After three visits there since the remodelling, I am no longer a patron.

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            My girlfriend and I just came to the same conclusion. We used to frequent the Fairfax location. The charm is gone, all the sweet old waitresses are gone, the hotcakes are almost as good, but not quite, and the coffee, which used to be perfect every time, comes out burnt occasionally. Also, the prices have jumped up considerably. Sadly we won't be back.

          2. I have only had the pancakes and they tasted as good as ever...can't attest to the rest of the menu.