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Any Torta Basilica/Basil Torte Cheese Sightings in OC?

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Usually both Gelson's and Bristol Farms have it around the Holidays. Just getting blank stares when we ask this year...

It's the multi-layered cheese with Mascarpone, a thin layer of harder cheese that holds it together (still haven't figured out what that is...) Pesto & Pine Nuts. And it's my favorite, as evidenced by my handle! Just not going to be Christmas without it :(

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  1. I think Trader Joe's has one with basil pesto and cream cheese and sun dried tomato pesto- different but sort of similar. Maybe you should check the Whole Foods in Tustin or even Claro's in Tustin. Probably should call them in advance just to make sure.

    1. saw a couple of torta basilicas today at the Whole Foods in Tustin..they looked wonderfully homemade and were in the prepared foods refrigerated section

      1. The last time I was able to find this delicacy, which I love and also look for constantly, was the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, 419 N. Beverly Drive, 310-278-2855. I'm assuming it's still in business at that location. As I recall, it was about $20 per pound at that time. This was about 5 years ago.

        1. Is there really a shortage of this wonderful torte.
          I first tasted this torte in Dallas, Tx.30 years ago. Moved to NJ and opened
          an off-premise catering company - Food Company Catering & Special Events.
          I could not find that torte anywhere, so we started making it ourselves, and
          after 15 years it is still the most requested stationary hors d'oeuvres.
          Coincidently, we received a call from a lady in NYC who had googled Mascarpone
          basil torte, as her supplier not longer carried this amazing product. Food Company Catering was listed # 2, that never happens even with our name. - I guess linked from our web site. We will be mailing 2 lbs of the torte to her for the holidays!
          I know that this doesnt help you much, but the interest in the product within the last
          couple of days is quite special to me as my extra lb's could be due to this divine
          layered cheese. By the way, the hard cheese is stinky provalone.

          1. Not sure where you are located, but you can call the folks at Frog's Breath in Orange. If they don't have it I would bet they could tell you where to find it.

            1. I had this years ago in Houston and went back to the store to ask about the ingredients. Never found it again, so I started making it myself. It is seriously easy to make. The ingredients are: Gorgonzola cheese, Mascarpone cheese, pine nuts and basil pesto. I take a small loaf pan and line it with saran wrap (I know, it's plastic, but it works!), then layer the gorgonzola (sliced thin), mascarpone, basil pesto, and pine nuts. Then start the layers all over again. I usually do 3 or so layers ending with a topping of the gorgonzola. Then refrigerate to let it set up. Take it out and serve. The absolute best thing I've ever tasted.
              I asked the store why they don't carry it anymore, and they said no one was making it anymore. Hmph. Best stuff.