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Nov 4, 2000 04:45 PM

Country Bistro

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Has anyone tried Country Bistro, 1380 Fullerton Rd, #105 Rowland Heights? It is in Diamond Plaza which is Chinese shopping mall, along side the 60 (Pomona)freeway. The mall has quite a few resturants in it and some are quite good. I have been going Country Bistro for about a year now and they only opened a little while before I started going. I keep being amazed at how many dishes they have that are new to me. And how good they are.

It serves Taiwanese/Chinese and it is now my favorite resturant. A few of the dishes that I like are, Pork in Red Wine Sauce, Grilled Fish with Special Bean Sauce, House Special Beef filets. They a make the very best fried rice that I have ever eaten, this is a dish that I usually think is only ok. They also have special herbal soups and herbal hot pots and herbal main dishes. Some of these are quite weird, but overall I like them (I also like stinky tofu so that some of these might not be to your taste).

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    Scott Elofson

    I had the lamb hotpot the other day and it very good. The lamb was cooked,on the bone, in a ceramic hot pot with bean curd with various vegtables. It was in this great spicey redish broth. They served it with mustard greens(?), on the side, that was to be put in the pot before you served yourself and a dipping sauce for the lamb and bean curd. It is very large dish and it was more that 2 people could eat. The only other dish we had was rice.