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Dec 24, 2007 06:02 AM

Beaver Creek - ISO great ideas

Happy Holidays! We are lucky enough to be in Beaver Creek the next week. So far, nothing has been more than typical overpriced resort food. We are in need of a great meal (that does not mean expensive) for two adults and three chow-kids...Please consider saving us from certain resort dining blues or worse a huge holiday gift!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance!

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  1. So that we don't recommend a place you have already experienced as "typical overpriced resort food," please tell us what places you have already tried and why you didn't like them. Otherwise we might steer you wrong.

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      Hi! We have been to Rocks where we found the wine and the menu to be "flat" and the staff to be uninterested at best. The gentleman at the door was wonderful and likable...but not enought to make up for it. We have also been to the Dusty Boot for mid-day. It was typical burgers, nachos, etc. Not bad just not intersting at all. You will see from our profile - we tend to go for places with a decent amount of imagination, diverse wine lists and great ingredients. I will also tell you that one of our kids is ISO a "baseball" steak!!! Thank you so much!

      1. re: fortyweeks

        I'm not sure you could have picked two as bad as Rocks and Dusty Boot if you were trying! No wonder you were disappointed. I agree with Robyn about Dish and Ti Amo. Also, Eat! is good for "fixings" but it's not really designed for a sit-down dinner with two adults and three kids. I couldn't get Robyn's link to connect, but you can do a search for Beaver Creek and/or Vail and get lots of recommendations.

        Our favorite place in Beaver Creek is Golden Eagle Inn. Excellent mountain food with a bit of an Asian fusion twist in some of the dishes. Try the stuffed mushroom appetizer, elk meatloaf or any of the game dishes and you won't go wrong. More reasonable prices than some of those in BC. Others that are good, but more expensive are Splendido and Grouse Mountain Grill.

        In Edwards, we can also highly recommend Juniper; Larkburger is great for burgers; Fiesta's for New Mexican/Mexican food.

        WARNING: No matter how good it might sound or how good the ads are, DO NOT go to Zacca Za. I tried very, very hard to make it good or just OK and it just is not!

        Good eating! Let us know your thoughts and opinions.


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          To add to the Tyler Tornado's excellent suggestion, Blue Moose is good as far as high country pizza goes, but they demonstrate a bad attitude. And put
          Frites on the Zacca Za list.

          Now I need some feedback from folks visiting on these places:

          Mathew's - just open where the Mustang was in Edwards

          Terra Bistro - In Vail, at one time was very good, has been through lot's of chefs lately.

          Vista - Now in Arrowhead

          The Hearth - Ranch in Cordillera

          Blue Plate Bistro - Just opened in the Christy Lodge in Avon

          So, if anyone has any experience, would like to here about it.

          1. re: BlueOx

            OK -- this is a great start! We will dine at Juniper this PM...many of the other places look fantastic but say "no go" due to the holiday...we'll keep trying! Also thinking of skiing into the Ritz for lunch on Wed...thoughts?

            1. re: fortyweeks

              Besides Golden Eagle, I like the bar at the Ritz for lunch. A Fat Tire and a nacho plate does the job. Service is really good and the setting is very nice. Do not go to the cafe (stand in line and get stuff in paper containers), its a rip off. And at the Ritz, Spago does breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you do lunch at Spruce Saddle, stick to the soups.

    2. Go into Edwards which is about 5 minutes from Beaver Creak and enjoy Dish. Here's a thread on it Also, Eat! is below and owned by the same people and great for sandwiches, cheese and wine (they also have an attached wine shop Drink!). Also, I've heard great things about Larkburger which is in Edwards as well. Dish is different enough on a daily basis that I could eat there daily for a week and not be bored in the least. And all their wines are $25 more than the price in the wine shop below so splurging on a nice bottle is more reasonable.

      Going the other direction Ti Amo in Eagle-Vail is very good as well.

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      1. re: RobynS

        dinner at juniper was fantastic. kids had their fill with the filet and strip, we are more than impressed with the lamb chop. service was attentive and pleasant, all and all exactly what we were looking for. thank you all so much.

          1. re: ddavis

            Loved our lunch at Spago today -- I posted about it and encourage you to give it a try! One more night here and back to DC/NY let me know how I can help you there! Thanks to all!

            1. re: fortyweeks

              40Weeks, thanks for taking the time to give us the feedback on you visit. You've have me convinced to do lunch at Spago. By the way, when the Ritz opened, they wanted to require skiers to exchange boots for slipper to enter the hotel. In the Spring they have an outside bar and a band on the patio between the hotel and the lift.