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Dec 24, 2007 04:35 AM

Buffalo Wings in Dutchess County?

I posted earlier this year wanting to know where I could find good buffalo wings in Westchester/Putnam, and have been enjoying Candelight Inn's wings ever since. I am moving to Wappingers Falls, and I am wondering if there is anywhere in Dutchess (well, in southern or central Dutchess) that has delicious buffalo wings to satisfy my cravings. Candelight will soon be an hour and a half away. :-(

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  1. Seriously, no good buffalo wings in Dutchess? How disappointing!

    1. My husband grew up in Buffalo, so he considers himself to be somewhat of a wings expert. He says that the only place that comes somewhat close, unfortunately, is Planet Wings. It's a sad state of affairs for wings in Dutchess County...

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        That is sad! I've been to the Planet Wings closest to my house here in Westchester, which is in Ossining...and I wasn't really a fan, but maybe one in Dutchess will be better. I'll give it a try, anyway!

        1. re: Solstice444

          disclaimer: i have not eaten these.

          however, i've heard that the wings at the dutch house (dutch cabin?) near vassar college are supposed to be good as are the burgers. i've had regular food there and it's decent for what it is.

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            i really like the buffalo wings at all smoked up, when rob sets up shop in beekman (across from the car wash). they're not the mini-drumstick variety, but large and quite tasty.


      2. I posted this on another thread - but I'll post again cause I hate to see you upset. :( (I'm CRAZY for wings too - used to go to school near Buffalo!) These places are a drive from Wappingers Falls into Putnam County, but a much shorter drive than driving to the Candlelight:

        Norm's in Brewster is my bro-in-law's favorite - and they have a $0.30 wing special during the week.

        Norm's Old Homestead
        228 E Main St, Brewster, NY
        (845) 279-6101

        Southside Grille in Mahopac is a family favorite. They have some great specials too. (We take advantage of $0.25 wing nights and the $4 pitchers!)

        Southside Grille
        3 Mahopac Plaza
        Mahopac, NY
        (845) 621-8710

        1. If there's a Planet Wings nearby, you will definetly want to try them again. There are more than 15 different varieties of sauces. For me it's gotta be spicy and hot and the wife and kid they are into the milder stuff.

          1. Thanks everyone for the input! I really appreciate it! The Planet Wings on Route 9 in Wappingers is actually less than 5 minutes from my new place so I will be sure to try it. I will also try the other places everyone mentioned. Beekman is only about 10 minutes from where I work in Hopewell Junction so All Smoked Up should be easy to get to. I assume when it says "bbq today" on the calendar, that means he will be open!

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              RE: all smoked up...usually, as long as it doesn't rain/snow.

              on sundays, with football, you want to get there early. i went one time around 1130? 1200? and got the last bunch of wings.

              i've heard their pork and ribs are supposed to be real good, but i don't eat those...but i've tried the other stuff and it's pretty good.