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Nov 3, 2000 08:56 PM

Indian in Silverlake

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I'm new to the area and have been searching for an Indian restaurant in Silverlake? Are there any?

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  1. Electric Lotus in Los Feliz at the corner of Vermont & Franklin is a superb choice not far from Silver Lake. They favor olive oil to the more traditional ghee. The Bertha is especially enticing, as well as the saag dishes. Another nice convenience -- they're open until Midnight during the week; 1am on weekends.

    1. I really enjoy Paru's on Sunset just west of Normandie. You get buzzed in through the gate and suddenly you're in this secret garden. The restaurant inside is a crimson explosion and the southern Indian vegetarian food is delicious and varied. I really like this place and unlike Electric Lotus which I find over-priced and uneven, Paru's is Ghee-tastic.