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Nov 2, 2000 12:22 PM

upscale austrian cooking

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anyone know where to go for great upscale
Austrian or even german homestyle cooking in LA, something similar to the cooking at places in NY like danube or wallse would be nice.

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  1. Spago Beverly Hills has some Austrian inspired dishes.

    Also, Knoll's Black Forest Inn, in West Los Angeles serves excellent German food in a very comfy setting. The wood paneled bar has a very cozy table near the fireplace and their patio is one of the prettiest in town.

    There's also Rockenwagner in Venice and Shatzi (Arnold Schwartznegger's place).

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    1. re: Bob Brooks

      I thought Schatzi closed a while back. Spago's Austrian inspired dishes are the closest to the cooking at Danube. If it's Yorkville style you want, the aforementioned Black Forest Inn will be the most equivalent.

      1. re: May Alcott

        Schatzi is indeed still open and doing quite well.

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      Richard Foss

      Try Chef Hannes in El Segundo. The namesake of the restaurant is Chef Johannes Kreitzler, and he does a Mitteleuropean/California fusion that works very well. He has a deft hand with vegetables, the soups are splendid, and the prices are very reasonable. The only drawback is that the place can get a bit loud on weekend evenings. Reservations are a very good idea, since there are only about twelve tables. A hint - If you go there and the place looks full, ask about the outdoor patio in the back. It is in El Segundo so there is some airport noise, and it can get a bit cold in late evenings, but the patio is actually a nice place to eat.